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Look no further than our industrial supplies range when upgrading your lab equipment! Our versatile electric stirrer is going to be a perfect fit in your laboratory. Suitable for use with a wide range of common lab substances, they are made for professional labs. Their high-quality will also ensure repeated use in a learning environment such as high school or university chemistry classes, as well. We know how much wear and tear lab equipment goes through after days, weeks, and months of use. Make this small but last investment for your lab, today.


Professional quality electric stirrers for every laboratory.

- Perfect for evenly mixing a variety of liquids. - Stirrers are an essential part of every laboratory. - High-quality and hard-wearing for a product that will last. - Precision and accuracy are exactly what this equipment will deliver.

These electric stirrers from Steinberg Systems will be able to handle everything you throw at them and are capable of mixing a variety of liquids. There’s also a timer for making sure every variable can be accounted for. You’re looking at 100 watts power that will be able to be continuously adjusted, with a maximum 3,400 rpm that can easily handle the most viscous liquids. Our electric stirrers can safely be used in any laboratory and you’ll be able to go back to it experiment after experiment. When you need a quality result that your research depends on, go with our electric stirrers and you’ll rest assured knowing that these high-quality products will produce the quality results your clients or teacher expects! Here at Expondo, Steinberg Systems lab products is a top choice for labs, schools and more. Steinberg create plenty of Ulsonix products if you’re looking for other options for sanitizing utensils and materials. When doing your online shopping with Expondo, there are plenty more lab products from trusted names like Steinberg to choose from – enough to fully stock a pharmaceutical company’s expansive operation, or even the right pieces for a high school or college chemistry class looking to give their students the tools for a hands-on educational experience. Whatever your professional or educational laboratory needs, we’ve got you covered for electric stirrers. So have a look at all of our lab equipment and see which pieces you could use or have been saving up for, or which pieces just need an upgrade. Starting small with our electric stirrers is a great place to begin before looking at everything else we have in store..

For anyone in need of professional grade laboratory equipment.

- Your search for high quality equipment ends here. - An integral part for carrying out a range of experiments. - With deadlines to meet you won’t need to worry about your equipment not working. - A high-quality product you won’t be replacing anytime soon.

Our electric stirrers are a crucial part of what we’re offering to our basic laboratory and pharmaceutical range. But remember, we stock all kinds of devices for businesses large and small. However you found your way to the Expondo range, whether it was to upgrade your industrial equipment for your warehouse or you were simply browsing through our extensive line of professional tools, you can see that we have high-quality products that are going to fit right into your current arsenal in a range of professional, educational, or private environments. For chefs of every background,, we’ve even got our full range of catering equipment to start your own food truck or cafe with! If you’re looking to pick up other items for your lab, we have a popular stainless steel cabinet that is easily cleaned and has a great build quality. These are a perfect fit for warehouses, kitchens, labs, schools and even hospitals. Check out the fully adjustable, easy to install range today!