Electric Stirrers

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Look no further than our industrial supplies range when upgrading your lab equipment! Our versatile electric stirrer is going to be a perfect fit in your laboratory. Suitable for use with a wide range of common lab substances, they are made for professional labs. Their high-quality will also ensure repeated use in a learning environment such as high school or university chemistry classes, as well. We know how much wear and tear lab equipment goes through after days, weeks, and months of use. Make this small but last investment for your lab, today.

Professional quality magnetic stirrers for all laboratories.

- Perfect for mixing even the densest of liquids. - Stirrers are an essential part of every laboratory. - High-quality and hard-wearing for products that will last. - Various shapes and sizes that are tailored to your needs.

With Steinberg Systems lab products, you’ve got a name and quality you can trust. Their fantastic magnetic stirrers are a perfect fit in a wide range of laboratory settings, from pharmaceutical labs to labs learning environments like high school or university chemistry classes. These magnetic stirrers will be able to handle a variety of liquids and will never have liquids sticking to them when you go to remove them. We have a complete range of shapes and sizes and sets that you will definitely be able to find exactly whatever your experiments or products require. Our magnetic stirrer bars can safely be used at temperatures ranging from -196 to 250 °C and are coated with PFTE ensuring they are highly abrasion and corrosion resistant. These also have a low friction coefficient, allowing them to easily rotate in the magnetic field. When you use these with our magnetic stirring rod remover, you’ll easily be able to remove them from your mixing solution without worrying about breaking your beaker glasses. Precision is key in any scientific environment, and that means investing in quality equipment. So have a look at all of our lab equipment and see which pieces of the puzzle you’ve been missing, or which pieces just need a nice refresh. As well as Steinberg, we also have plenty of Ulsonix products if you’re still looking for the right equipment.

Not just for the professional labs!

- As long as you need high quality equipment, these are for you. - Also great for industry professionals needing professional quality equipment. - Researchers will find the quality reassuring to make sure their results are accurate. - Getting high-quality products ensures you won’t be replacing them anytime soon.

However you found your way to the Expondo range, whether it was when you were upgrading your industrial equipment for your factory or while you were browsing through our extensive line of professional tools, you can see that we have high-quality products that are going to find a home in a range of professional, educational, or private environments. I mean, come on, we’ve even got the catering equipment to start your own five-star restaurant! But our magnetic stirrers are a crucial part to our growing laboratory and pharmaceutical crowd that has come to expect the same level of professional equipment. If you’re looking for other items to upgrade your lab, we have a popular stainless steel cabinet that is easily cleaned and has a great build quality. Or if you’ve got a lot of equipment to clean, why not have a look at our ultrasonic cleaners and think of the time you’ll save! When you buy quality products you can expect quality results that you don’t need to second guess. So, start out with our magnetic stirrers and come back for everything else you’ve been meaning to get!