Paper Towel Dispensers

Did you know that disposable towels are one of the most economic and hygienic ways to enable effective hand-drying in your business? They offer a quick and accessible hand-drying solution for kitchens, schools, offices, clinics and more – anywhere that hygiene is top priority! Make a long term investment in your business’ hygiene today!

Choose a paper towel dispenser to upgrade your bathroom or kitchen

• Effective and easy to use • Fight against germs • Ideal for all businesses • Chrome nickel steel • Wall-mounted • Easy to clean

Let’s face it, these days we know more than ever about how to prevent the spread of germs. And we’ve come a long way in terms of how to manage it! That’s why it’s crucial to investigate modern hygiene supplies for your workplace. Of course, this is important in the food business where safety standards are vital in protecting from food-borne illnesses. A paper towel dispenser offers your kitchen staff a quick and easy way to thoroughly dry their hands after washing up. This is also important in any business, especially busy offices, schools, and waiting rooms. And they’re not just for hands. A paper towel dispenser is useful in any environment where spills are expected, for instance in lunch areas, art classes, cooking lessons, and workshops. The advantage of a paper towel dispenser is that each towel has a one-use life-span. Simply install yours next to an easy-access rubbish bin, and you’ll be giving your staff and customers the best chance to practise safe hygiene. This is far more hygienic than traditional towels that get reused and dampen throughout the day. This can be a breeding ground for bacteria. What’s more, with a paper towel dispenser, you cut down on the laundry costs of rewashing traditional towels over and over. Paper towel dispenser from Bartscher is wall-mounted, and easy to install. The sturdy chrome nickel steel cover is long-lasting and easy to wipe clean. And your paper towel dispenser can be used with standard sized paper towels, so refills are easy!

A safe business is a happy business

• Wide range of hygiene supplies • Washing and drying options • Multi-tiered cleaning trolley • Health and safety features • Easy to clean stainless steel • Safe tools and gadgets

Our range of hygiene supplies goes much farther than paper towels! We’ve got plenty of other “handy” options, including our commercial wash basins, electric hand dryer, and soap dispensers. For keeping your business ship-shape, we’ve also got the Singercon cleaning trolley with laundry bag attachment. Their multi-tiered trolley allows you to safely carry all over your cleaning supplies and mop as you go, draining the water into custom designed bucket. The laundry basket attached means you can collect sheets, napkins and other items that need washing or disposing of. At Expondo, we’re keeping safety and hygiene front of mind, even when you’re at your busiest. For instance, all of our catering supplies are designed with easy to clean materials, many featuring removable parts to be washed in the dishwasher. With a huge range of stainless steel devices, for instance our five-tiered chocolate fountain, you know that even the messiest dishes won’t cause any long-term residue. Same applies to our range of scales over in our industrial supplies section! These are fitted with stainless steel and hardened plastic so you can keep surfaces sterilised, use after use. Of course, safety is important outside of the kitchen too. In our range of professional tools, we pride ourselves on choosing devices that are safe and comfortable to operate, even by beginners. Our handheld devices are designed to be ergonomic to minimise strain, and all of our high-temperature devices, such as our infrared heaters, are fitted with overheat protection and ventilation.