Hand Dryers

You know the feeling of washing your hands in a public restroom only to find there’s no more hand towels in the dispenser. The old hand dryer stuck to the wall has the force of a baby’s breath. This is why you need to consider an upgrade to our ultramodern hand dryers when thinking about your hygiene supplies. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to upgrade the restrooms in your locker room, café, or just want to save some money by not having to buy paper towels at the end of every month. So why not have a look at all of the great designs we have available!

Stylish and ultramodern hand dryers for all restrooms!

- Great designs that will make your guests want to use them - Ergonomic bodies that won’t take up too much space - An essential bathroom item - Perfect for public and private use

If you’ve found us through our hotel equipment or you heard about our own Royal Catering brand, we have plenty of options for business owners looking to expand or beef up their current offerings. We’ve got a lot more than just hand dryers available, and you can come to expect the widest selection when shopping at Expondo. From our electric shoe polisher to our pool ladder, the hand dryers are just the tip of the iceberg! We have models that vary in speed and energy consumption as well as varying nozzle technology. From the standard stainless-steel hand dryers you’re used to seeing all the way to brand new air blade hand dryers for a more modern take on the technology. Impress your customers with any one of our ergonomic and stylish designs! If you’re looking to keep the stainless-steel theme going, make sure to have a good look at the variety of stainless-steel furniture we have available for just about every room you can imagine. And our popular stainless-steel cabinet might be a great entry point before you dive in. All of these items will be great in your kitchen if you’re looking for commercial cooking equipment through our extensive catering equipment section. Just make sure you’ve got a great hand dryer for after all the washing up! And if you’re not in the public sector, it won’t stop you from impressing guests with a sleek and modern hand dryer for the guest washroom in your own home. It’s a great way to keep the environment in mind and look stylish while doing it!

Cut down on your bathroom waste with a hand dryer!

- No need to keep stocking up on expensive paper towels - Get rid of the waste baskets in the washroom - Convenient mounting options to put anywhere you need it - Easily cleaned if you’re worried about germs

We get a lot of customers that find us while they’re shopping our full range of professional tools or even independent contractors trying to find quality industrial equipment for the worksite. Everyone is trying to find a quality product that doesn’t have a high price tag attached to it. Our range of hand dryers does just that, with every price point in mind. No matter which model you decide to go with, you’ll be able to cut down on all of that bathroom waste, from towels to the trash bin. You’ll be sending a message to your customers as well, which won’t go unnoticed! So when you’re thinking about getting a new hand dryer for your facilities, you know where to go for a wide selection and a variety of styles!