Beauty Mirror

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Light up your life with a stylish beauty mirror

We all like to look our best, but with the non-stop nature of modern life, it can be difficult to find a simple and convenient way to make it a priority. With our new range of beauty mirrors from the cosmetic experts at Physia, you can make ‘me time’ just that bit more special, whether for everyday use in your artistic, cosmetic or wellness profession, or for your own personal use at home - ensuring the best possible light for the look you desire.

Mirror, mirror on the wall – what can’t you do?

  • Suitable for make up, hair and beauty
  • Bright, natural and even light
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Wide surface – base/wall installations

Our dynamic Expondo catalogue features useful products for just about anyone but our range of elegant beauty mirrors are all about you. For hair, make-up, skincare or any other cosmetic need you can think of – whether you need a sophisticated product to make your customer feel like a star, a quick touch-up backstage at a show, or you simply want that at-home celebrity treatment, our beauty mirrors allow you to truly look and feel your best. Ranging from styles featuring 10 to 14 LED lights, our beauty mirrors offer a bright and even light with 6,400 K, CRI 90 and an output of 3 watts – illuminating the user with the best possible light to create the look they desire. To add to the natural feel of the product, the LED lights imitate the colour temperature of sunlight, allowing for a very realistic impression of your desired look; making them one of our most useful products in our range of cosmetic equipment. With its own base, this lightweight beauty mirror can stand by itself on any surface, meaning it’s conveniently portable between your home, client residence or event space. Alternatively, for more permanent use, you can also choose to install the beauty mirror on the wall of your bedroom, bathroom, dressing room or establishment in a couple of simple steps, making them a modern and versatile product for your personal or professional health and beauty equipment.

Truly visible results!

  • Simple, stylish design
  • A variety of shapes to suit your needs
  • Low energy consumption – cost-effective
  • Burn-safe

Much like our range of beauty therapy beds, our beauty mirrors are classic, simple and sleek in design, forever keeping the consumer first in mind. When the LED lights are switched on, the beauty mirror needs less than half a second to reach its full brightness. The aluminum frame comes in a variety of shapes including square, rectangle, round and oval, both with and without frames, and in white or silver. Pair the beauty mirror with one of our comfortable podiatry chairs, relaxing skin treatment steamers or just about any product from our impressive catalogue of beauty therapy equipment and you’ve got an exceptional customer experience that will be hard to match. And we know what you might be thinking – sure, our beauty mirrors might be an impressive product, but will these LED lights cost me a fortune? Quite the opposite! With a service life of 20,000 hours, the LED technology actually ensures cost-efficiency, providing low energy consumption for the user - proving that high-end products do not have to come at high-end prices. The design of our beauty mirrors proudly focuses on the safety of the consumer too. The light’s low temperature development and UV radiation allow them to be burn-safe, making them a truly reliable addition to any beauty regime. Don’t forget that our full Expondo catalogue boasts a range of products for every need you can imagine – take a look at our sport and health equipment for gyms and schools, or our lab equipment for classrooms and testing facilities to get yourself started!