Beauty Therapy Equipment

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Cosmetic equipment

Beauty salons are today more important than ever. Beauty therapy consists of diverse branches in which real specialists are in demand: Make-up artists and cosmeticians are just as sought-after as specialists for manicures and pedicures, hairstylists, fitness and wellness coaches or style consultants. With a suitable interior, you can highlight the specialization of your salon!

Beauty salons benefit not only from the charm of unique furnishings: especially in the field of cosmetics, there is a wide range of technical equipment and utensils that not only facilitate but also professionalize any beauty methods. A further development of classic cosmetics is instrumental cosmetics that offer completely new possibilities for every salon.

Instrumental cosmetics has its origins in the field of medicine and therefore convinces with profound treatments and long-lasting results. Whether for skin, hair, nails or make-up – instrumental cosmetic devices are as versatile as beauty itself. Discover our wide range of instrumental cosmetics products and convince yourself of the numerous applications for your beauty salon!

Beauty devices for the home

Even if a beauty salon is a particularly soothing and comfortable environment, there are situations in which high-quality beauty equipment is also useful at home: perhaps you are busy and hardly have time to visit a salon. Or you are passionate about beauty and have a daily routine. Beauty devices for the home offer many advantages!

Due to modern technology, the manufacture of equipment has become much more efficient. As a result, even high-quality products can be offered at lower prices. With modern beauty equipment, you can equip your own home with professional equipment, which is in no way inferior to the attractive interior of a real beauty salon.

Especially in the field of beauty and wellness, there are numerous devices to facilitate individual applications: For example, high-frequency wands for firmer skin, neck massagers for relaxation or compress warmers for cosy warm towels. Hairdressing equipment your hair can be pampered too. With selected hairdressing supplies you can create your own little salon at home!

What is the purpose of a salon sterilizer?

Services in a beauty salon take place directly on the customer, and numerous utensils come into contact with various regions of the body in the process. As a result, dirt, as well as germs and bacteria, can remain on the small auxiliary tools, such as scissors, tweezers or files. With a sterilizer, all equipment is cleaned and disinfected quickly and reliably!

Salon sterilizers come in different designs, each of which uses a special method: With hot-air sterilizers, tools are placed in a container and heated to a high temperature. The high temperature range ensures effective disinfection. UV sterilizers irradiate and sterilize the inserted devices by means of UV radiation.

Also practical: sterilizers require little floor space and can even be used in small salons. Its interior is nevertheless spacious, so you can disinfect several utensils at the same time. The devices also score points because of their particularly easy operation, and they are also extremely easy to clean. Sterilizers are the ideal addition to any professional beauty salon!

Furniture for beauty therapy

Beauty salons have a whole range of different offers. Depending on the available services, the salon must be suitably furnished. Different areas, such as cosmetics, hairstyling or wellness each require different furniture, equipment and utensils. With adequate furniture, your salon will radiate professionalism and exquisite charm!

For example, if you want to offer hairdressing services in your salon, special hairdressing furniture will significantly facilitate your work with customers: from washing hair at high-quality hairdressing sinks, cutting and styling on comfortable hairdressing chairs, to modern hair dryers for putting the finish on any hairstyle. Customers will also particularly appreciate your service if you have the right furniture.

Cosmetics have their very own world of suitable interiors: dressing tables, chairs and mirrors are just the basic equipment. To apply delicate makeup with even greater precision, professional magnifying lamps help to achieve a more precise look. Interior design is as diverse as beauty therapies are.

Which beauty therapy equipment should I choose?

The world of cosmetics has many facets: When it comes to beauty, the focus is not only on a customer's makeup but also on their skin, hair and nails. From makeup artistry, manicure and pedicure, to depilation – for each area there is a wide range of special utensils to choose from. Which cosmetic devices are the best for your own salon?

The equipment of your salon depends first of all on the services you offer. In addition, your customers want to have a professional impression at first glance. Therefore, you will find in our extensive range of cosmetic supplies only quality products that convince with high-quality materials, solid workmanship and modern design!

Would like to perfect your salon? Then you are making the right choice with our massage and wellness products, such as our massage table. The combination of expert beauty therapy and soothing wellness creates real satisfaction for all your customers. Our high-quality cosmetic and wellness equipment creates the ideal basis for this.