Chain Hoist Trolley

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The math is simple - for heavy duty tasks you need heavy duty tools. Heavy lifting is a daily chore across countless industries such as construction, agriculture, transport, and logistics. Without safe, strong, and sturdy lifting tools, it not only presents sizable workloads for you and your staff, but can also raise numerous health and safety concerns. That’s we choose the chain hoist trolley from the industrial experts at MSW. With efficient lifting speeds and a load capacity of up to two tonnes, you’ll see why it’s a stable choice for your business.

Lift up to two tonnes with a chain hoist trolley from MSW

The PROLIFTOR 2000 is a powerful electric chain hoist trolley by MSW, that lifts and lowers loads of up to two tonnes, at the pace you desire. When it comes to heavy lifting in construction, warehouses, garages, farms, and on the road, MSW are trusted by experts worldwide. Their range of high performance craft supplies and intuitively designed industrial equipment is built to last and rigorously tested to meet industry standards, to maximise safety and longevity. In short, they are the safe bet that gives your business years of return on investment. Steerable by remote control, the MSW chain hoist trolley can be used to lift and lower vehicles, machinery, craft materials, and delivery loads from a safe distance, indoors and out. Its hardened, stainless steel chains are exceptionally strong and durable, capable of carrying up to two tonnes to a significant elevation of six metres – ideal for lifting and loading in warehouse, garages and workshops. Simply attach your cargo using the flexible hook mechanism, which can be rotated at 360 degrees. The MSW chain hoist trolley has an electric motor powered with 1100 watts, for fast and seamless lifting and lowering and a cable speed of up to 2.5m per minute. When it comes to heavy lifting, safety is our number one concern. The electromagnetic braking system ensures continuous operation and holds the load in place even when the power is interrupted. The remote control is connected to the chain hoist trolley with a 4.8m cable, which means that you can always operate the hoist from a safe distance., your chain hoist trolley features a standard chain box. To protect your lifting chain during operation and support years of high-performance use.

Safe, strong, and secure lifting solutions

You’ve seen why the MSW chain hoist trolley is an excellent choice when it comes to safe heavy lifting. However, at Expondo we also feature a wide range of alternative lifting solutions from MSW and Steinberg Systems. For professionals working in roadside assistance and maintenance, our wide range of off-road winches can haul up to 6,124kg in weight, and are ideal for operating with trailers, jeeps, quads, and ATVs. For lifting heavy steel materials from 30 to 3000 kilos, look no further than our exceptionally strong lifting magnets from Steinberg Systems, another global name for industrials professionals. These durable, manoeuvrable lifting magnets are ideal for lifting, moving and lowering heavy ferromagnetic items such as steel girders, car chassis, large steel panels, and other heavy items regardless of shape. When manual lifting must be done, it must be done right! With our lever blocks, the strain is taken out of manual lifting: Simply operate the chain by pulling on the ergonomic lever. Lifting and weighing go hand in hand. For weighing massive loads in warehouses or construction sites, our range of durable crane scales are ideal for weigh cumbersome materials of up to 10,000kg. Finally, for lighter goods in labs, delivery units, and even kitchens, remember we also stock a wide selection of table-top scales. These compact, easy to clean scale are ideal for precise measurement in science labs, or the ideal addition your catering and butcher’s equipment for weighing out portions of meat and other ingredients. Remember, whether you’re lifting massive loads or weighing to miniscule precision, we’ve got you covered with top names like Steinberg, MSW, and more.