Crane Trolleys

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When it comes to sourcing industrial tools for a warehouse or construction site, you’d better not skimp on equipment for lifting and moving heavy objects. With the wrong equipment, or low-quality equipment, you risk damaging the items being moved and you compromise the safety of yourself and your employees. A high-end crane trolley from our catalogue will allow you to flexibly and easily work with extremely heavy, bulky goods – without breaking a sweat!

Automatic lifting with remote controls

A crane trolley automatically lifts any heavy object to which it is connected, controlled by you using the remote controls panel provided with each device. This allows you to ensure that the item is raised and lowered carefully and safely as you need it. With a maximum lifting capacity of up to 1000kg for our premium extra-strong crane trolley, you’ll be able to lift and move extremely heavy objects, such as cars, construction sacks of concrete and gravel, pallettes of wood and even blocks of cut stone. No matter the size or shape of the object, as long as it has been strapped up in a safe and secure way, it can be lifted by a crane trolley. When installed on rails, these devices can be used to move these heavy loads from place to place, making it a useful tool for moving and loading cargo in logistics centres, docks and warehouses.

Manufactured for quality and reliability by trustworthy brands like MSW, each model is safe, robust and engineered to perform even through intensive daily use in the most hard-working construction operations. A crane trolley is also useful in workshops and repair facilities such as auto repair shops, allowing you to raise up and move vehicles and appliances which you are working on; the controllable lift settings allow the object to be raised and moved smoothly, ensuring that the item is not damaged and does not swing dangerously. This essential appliance is a vital investment for any business working with loads that cannot be lifted by hand, from building materials to kitchen appliances.

A crane trolley keeps your operations efficient and safe

With a maximum lifting height of 12 metres, these crane trolleys allow you to lift heavy objects high enough to load into full-sized lorries or up levels of scaffolding. Combined with other more specialised winches, this equipment gives you full control and flexibility when working with large, weighty or bulky objects. The safety stop on each model ensures the safety of site workers, and the automatic remote control means that the user does not need to perform any manual labour to lift the item, meaning that they avoid work-related injuries. The automatic remote allows for the same precise controls as our manual devices such as our manual lever blocks and our non-electronic chain hoists, providing accurate and smooth movements for even fragile loads.

We offer a varied selection of crane trolleys to suit different budgets and user needs, starting with our most budget-friendly model of crane trolley, with a generous maximum capacity of 300kg. Like all of our power tools and other craftsman’s equipment, each model is made of top-quality, robust materials, making it a long-term investment you can count on. You can combine one of these appliances with a lifting magnet to lift and move heavy items containing ferromagnetic metals, such as car chassis, steel girders and much more. All our winches and other lifting equipment is sourced with care, making sure that any contruction site or warehouse can get all the supplies they need just with a few clicks on our website.