Lifting Magnets

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From 30 kilos to 3000 kilos, heavy weights need to be lifted with care using the right tools. If you need to lift and/or move large, heavy ferromagnetic items such as steel girders, car chassis, large steel panels and much more. Whatever the shape - whether round, flat or something unusual – a lifting magnet is a great solution. The lifting magnets in our range are produced by trusted manufacturer Steinberg Systems to high standards: robust, strong, dependable.

Bearing the load for you

A lifting magnet uses the strongest magnetic materials for a hold that is firm and reliable, as good as our most powerful mechanical chain hoist. This means that you can lift ferromagnetic items of any size and shape with ease – no electricity required. Rather than using an electric or fuel-powered lifting solution, which is often impractical or simply impossible in industrial workspaces such as construction sites or warehouses, a lifting magnet grips the surface of the metal (either steel or iron) with strong magnetic force – and releases the item when you need it. It’s a time-saving way to lift items without having to set up chains and hooks around the item to secure it; simply touch the magnet to the item, and you can lift it with no trouble. That makes this tool a valuable addition to any small, medium or large-scale set-up of industrial equipment.

Combined with a quality crane scale, a lifting magnet can also be used to find the weight of very large or heavy ferromagnetic items, which typically do not sit well on floor scales or other industrial scales! Whenever you need to lift something cumbersome or something which is an awkward size or shape, this is the ideal solution: from steel mesh to corrugated roofing, rather than fiddling with chains and palettes, choose the easiest and simplest way to lift and move it.

Lifting magnets made with only the best materials

Clients who have previously purchased industrial tools, catering appliances or workshop equipment from our catalogues will know that we only offer robust, quality products which can cope with the strain of heavy industrial use. This is just as true for our cheapest lifting magnet, which can lift up to 100kg and withstand a traction force of 300kg, as for our top-end lifting magnets. Traction force is the term used to refer to any sideways force that might be put on the load as it is being lifted, so a high traction force resistance means that the load will be stable and not slip. With our strongest lifting magnet, you can count on a traction force of 9000kg, as well as a maximum lifting weight of 3000kg. These are heavy-duty tools designed for the toughest situations.

Combined with an industrial lever block, you’ll have a rig ready to lift anything, with very little effort on the part of your labourers. If, however, you do not think that a lifting magnet is right for your individual needs, or if you wish to expand your lifting equipment to deal with non-ferromagnetic items, we also have you covered: our winches and chain hoists offer the same high-end quality with a range of different prices and options. The right lifting gear is an essential investment to keep you and your colleagues safe, protect the materials you’re lifting and keep your business operations running smoothly every day. Just be careful with your keys when you’re near the magnet!