Welding Accessories

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To set the experts apart from the rest, you have to look at the little details, and that goes for your toolbox too. To really optimise and get the best results from your welding jobs, you need the right accessories to go with the job. Our range of welding accessories from the welding experts at Stamos Germany will help you upgrade your performance, saving you time, improving safety, helping you with transport and giving you better control and stability over your welding operations. Don’t just leave it to chance – invest in better results today.

A range of welding accessories to get the best results

- Suitable with all kinds of welders - Private and professional use - Built by global name, Stamos Germany - Heat resistant - Optimise safety and performance - Durable, long-lasting

In our full range of power tools, you’ll also find welders of every kind, including MIG, MAG, TIG, and electrode welders, plasma cutters, and flexible hose welding torches and cutters. Best of all, we’ve got welding accessories to use with each one. Our range of welding accessories are suitable for all manner of welding tasks, whether you’re working in construction, engineering, motors or even art, craft and design. For private users and professionals, our welding accessories are suitable on site, in the workshop or even at home. Better still, they are compatible will all types of welding tools available on the Expondo site, such as MIG, TIG, MAG, electrode, and even our flexible plasma cutters. Amongst our versatile welding accessories, you’ll find a handy and mobile welding cart to keep your welder, cables and safety gear safely secured and easy to access during transport and while you work. The high-quality chains securely fasten the gas tanks, and thanks to its rubber wheel moving is always safe, stable and smooth. We’ve also got a range of welding foot pedals to give you maximum control over the welding current during all welding activities.

Safety gear for you and your staff

- Safety tested equipment - Overheat prevention - Intuitive temperature control - Protection from heat, light, and abrasions - Protect the eyes and maintain excellent vision

Safety is our main priority at Expondo. Whether you’re investing in catering equipment for restaurant and food stalls or industrial supplies for labs and factories, the safety of you, your staff and your customers is always top of our list. That’s why we provide equipment with tested, industry-standard safety features as well as stocking a wide range of safety equipment. When it comes to welding, there are factors such as heat, light and power to consider. All of the welders in our range of professional tools are designed with intuitive temperature control and overheat detection and prevention technology. In our full range of welding gloves, you’ll find flexible protective gloves in a range of sizes, not only suitable for working with high temperatures but will also protect the hands from sharp edges and weather conditions. Our welding gloves are made from high quality, strong split cowhide leather that is not only heat resistant but allow for excellent grip, flexibility and control over your welding accessories and tools. Resistant to abrasions. Cuts and punctures, they off you and your staff long-lasting protection whatever the task. The cheapest welding helmet in our range of welding accessories is the best choice for home users. The adjustable helmet allows you to work from various distances and angles, offers light protection for all common welding tasks and has a delay time of .25-.8 seconds. Our expert welding helmet is reinforced for heavy duty use, with an impressively wide range of vision protection. No matter where you work, our final word on the matter is “safety first.”