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Innovative cooling boxes for camping

Discover our range of electric coolers, cooling benches and mini refrigerator that will reliably keep your food, medicines or frozen products at the right temperature. We also carry professional equipment for the catering industry such as refrigerated cabinets and refrigerated display cases. Whether you ar looking for a countertop fridge or a commercial freezer – at expondo you will find what you are looking for.

How do cool boxes work?

Thermal containers and coolers are made of insulating materials that retain heat or cold. The cooling duration and capacity depend on the coolant, the ambient temperature and the desired interior temperature.

Polystyrene insulated boxes

You can get by without any power source with a cooler made of polystyrene, also known as Styrofoam. The material ensures first-class thermal insulation and keeps both food and medical products at the right temperature. Place one or more cold packs in the box for optimal cooling. Dry ice extends the cooling capacity many times over. The well-insulating foam of the polystyrene boxes is produced inexpensively and is feather-light – perfect for catering and delivery companies that need to transport goods over short distances. The inexpensive and fast production of the boxes enables diverse formats at a small price. You are free to choose from countless shapes and sizes for your delivery service.

Electric cool box with compressor

Electric coolers need a power source. You can operate the mobile devices from expondo via a 230 V connection or the 12 V connection in your car – ideal for camping enthusiasts.
Compressor coolers work similarly to refrigerators: there is a liquid inside the boxes that evaporates even at low temperatures. The heat from the environment, i.e. the cold room where you store your medicines or food, is sufficient for the liquid to evaporate. The evaporated coolant is discharged via hoses or pipes, releasing its heat to the outside and liquefying again. The cycle can start all over again. The namesake compressor acts as a pump that ensures the faster movement of the refrigerant in this circuit. The faster the coolant flows, the better the cooling.

Absorber cool box

An absorber cooler is an ideal companion when there is no power connection on a trip, because they are operated with gas or with a gas cartridge. But they also have a 12 V or 230 V connection. This convertibility is a great advantage because it allows you to stay flexible on your road trip without having to rely on a power source. Even in remote places, such as in the mountains or when fishing in solitude, you can cool your food and drinks without electricity.

A gas flame heats the coolant ammonia, which evaporates into water vapour and ammonia. Cold temperatures are generated in the process. Both substances then combine again in the condenser to form sal ammonia, closing the cycle.

How long do cool boxes keep cold?

Insulated polystyrene boxes keep your snacks and drinks cold for several hours. The cooling capacity varies depending on the thickness of the walls, the coolant, the filling level and size of the box, and the ambient temperature. Thick walls, strong cooling packs, little air in the interior and a low ambient temperature extend the cooling time.

With electric coolers, your medicine and food stay cold as long as the unit is plugged in.

Which electric cooler should I choose?

In our range, you will find high-quality coolers, thermal containers and refrigerators for camping and catering. But which one fits best?

Big or small cool box?

Why not put together the food and drinks you want to keep in the cooler on your trips and then measure them. Do you tend to transport flat food items like a cold cut or bulky items like lettuce heads or fresh food boxes? These considerations will inform your space requirements. Also, measure how much space there is in the car or the caravan and keep in mind that the equipment needs to be set up firmly so that it doesn't slide around while driving. In our store, you can find handy containers with a capacity of 10 l to real space wonders with over 100 l volume for a large amount of travel provisions.

Be cool on the road: the cool box for the car

If you are travelling by car and only need to cool your food and drinks for a short time – say, on the way to a garden party or a picnic in the countryside – we recommend a cooler bag for the car. Tear-resistant material, practical carrying straps and various sizes make it the perfect companion for smaller trips.

Once you become accustomed to the comfort of always having chilled drinks in the vehicle you won't want to miss out on having a hard-sided cooler for the car. In addition to the classic 230 V connection, it also has a 12 V connection and keeps your drinks at the right temperature for the entire journey. This is especially important for long trips and in the summer.

The right cool box for camping trips

For camping trips with a caravan or motorhome, an absorption cooler is particularly well suited, because it reliably keeps food and drinks fresh on long journeys and extended road trips, without the need for electricity. The compact units fit most caravan models. The box also finds a place in the garden shed or for long-term camping in nature. You only need to use gas cartridges when you are on site. When not in use, simply twist the cartridges closed. Make sure that the camping cooler always stands up straight so that the cooling mechanism can work optimally.

Our recommendation: When travelling outside of Germany, remember to bring adapters and voltage converters for connecting your devices to the power supply to operate them with the correct voltage even when abroad.

On uneven ground and during intense heat, a cooler box with a compressor is best

With a compressor cooler, you can achieve the highest cooling capacity regardless of the outside temperature. For most boxes, you can manually set the desired cooling temperature – even below freezing. With the integrated compressor, the cooling liquid always remains in motion. That is why these boxes even work on uneven ground.

Insulated drink dispenser for garden parties and cosy winter evenings

For special occasions, when you want to serve iced drinks or warming punch, you can find beverage dispensers in our store. These feature drip-proof spigots allow you and your guests to tap the desired amount of liquid.

How to clean an electric cooler box?

Wherever food is stored, there can be germs. Especially after a camping trip, there are often crumbs or dried-on food leftovers in the thermo box. To rid the container of any germs and residues, we recommend regular, conscientious cleaning. This prevents the development of mould and extends the service-life of your device.
You can clean an electric cooler much like you clean a refrigerator or freezer at home. We have put together a short guide for you. For more detailed information, please refer to the operating instructions for your device.

Step 1: Remove power source

Switch off the compressor cooler and disconnect it from its source of power. For absorber cooling oxen, close and remove the gas cartridge.

Step 2: Empty the cooling container.

Remove all food and store it temporarily in a refrigerator or freezer.

Step 3: Disassembly

Remove all components that you can dismantle to get to hard-to-reach places with the sponge. Store all individual parts in a well-ordered manner. This will make it easier for you to reassemble and ensure that nothing is missing at the end.

Step 4: Remove dirt with household cleaner

Wipe the interior with a sponge or cloth and mild soapy water. Germs like to collect in the corners. Therefore, clean these areas, as well as indentations, particularly thoroughly. Wipe with clean water as soon as the coarse dirt is removed. Proceed in the same way with the outer surfaces.

Step 5: Disinfection with vinegar or lemon

To prevent the formation of germs and remove odours from the electric cooler, you can it wipe again with a mixture of water and citric acid or vinegar.

Step 6: Drying

Use cellulose or a towel to dry any damp areas. You can also put the box in an airy place to dry.

Step 7: Assembly

Now reassemble the individual parts. You will find more detailed information on this in the operating instructions for your device. You can reconnect the cleaned absorber or compressor cooler to the power supply or a gas bottle and put it into operation.

Whether you are planning your next road trip, preparing a company party or delivering food and drinks – at expondo, you will find the right cooler for your needs.