Display fridges

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If you’re running a patisserie, deli or café, you’ll know that a display fridge is more than just a practical piece of catering equipment – it plays a big part in the visual impact of your serving area. Your customers love to see fresh, tempting delicacies on display, and a chilled cabinet keeps them looking and tasting at their best. With a small countertop chill cabinet or full-size display counter, you encourage your customers to be spontaneous and grab something delicious!

Display fridges fit for all eateries

Our catalogue of display fridges ranges from the smallest possible models, for mobile operations like food trucks, to very large models, such as our wheeled display fridge or our XXL model with 550L capacity. The larger models are a great investment for busy delis, restaurants and butchers. With so many different shapes, sizes and styles of display fridge, you can be sure to find just the right model to suit the interior of your particular business. The clean, fresh look of a display fridge brings modern flair to your service area, while letting the vibrant colours and appetising appearance of your food take centre stage. These chillers are perfect for displaying beverages or freshly-made smoothies, sandwiches, fresh or cured meats, cheeses, and so much more. Cakes and desserts look their best in a specialist patisserie display – and your guests won’t be able to resist a slice once they’ve seen your fresh cakes!

Like all our industry-level appliances and craft supplies, these coolers are manufactured with quality components by reliable brands. Each display fridge has been designed for function as well as style, so they maintain a safe and evenly cool temperature automatically with ventilated cooling for optimal freshness, making sure that the hygiene and flavour of your specialities are preserved throughout the day. Having your most tempting treats on display is a great way to boost your sales by getting your guests’ mouths watering as soon as they step through your door!

For fresh food, hot and cold

While a large commercial fridge is a must-have for any professional caterer, chef or food seller, having a display fridge in your service area allows your customers to see what they are ordering and makes it easier for your staff to quickly serve each customer without having to leave the counter. Each model is illuminated on the interior to ensure that the food looks great even in cosy restaurant lighting! The sturdy materials and easy-open doors make these display fridges easy to clean, while the automatic defrost function is a time-saving plus. With a temperature range of 2 to 12 degrees Celsius, you can ensure your items are kept at the right temperature for optimum flavour and shelf-life. Many of the models in our range have adjustable feet, to adapt them to your service counters, while our wheeled model is great for adaptable spaces such as hotel dining rooms or event venues.

Establishments making food to order might also consider investing in a chilled preparation counter, which lets you batch-produce and display individual ingredients separately, ready to be heaped into a delicious sub, a healthy wrap or on top of a pizza – a great way to produce the freshest, quickest pizza to order when combined with a dough mixer. Your customers will love to see their meal being prepared with effortless skill and quality ingredients. If you will also be serving hot food, a heated display cabinet works perfectly alongside a display fridge; if you sell a lot of hot sandwiches, for example, a professional sandwich toaster and a heating unit make a great combination to cater for that busy lunch hour rush!