Cooling Table

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When kitting out a professional kitchen, it’s important not to underestimate the value multipurpose furniture. For instance, our stainless-steel cooling table is a three-in-one combination of storage, refrigeration and hardwearing counter space, with ample room for prepping meat, chopping veggies, kneading doughs and more. The ‘Pizza Prep Fridge’ from the catering experts at Royal Catering is much more than a pizza companion. With its spacious design and energy efficient cooling system, it’s at home in all kinds of professional kitchens, helping you to stay organised and keep on top of vital food safety standards.

A multipurpose cooling table for refrigeration and storage

• Ample storage space and load capacity • High quality stainless steel • Broad, stable work surface • Space-saving design • Stay organised with separate drawers • Adjustable stands

The Royal Catering stainless steel cooling table from our full range of catering equipment is also suitable across a wide range of professional kitchens such as hotels, restaurants, gastropubs, delis and more. Its smooth stainless steel surface makes it ideal for prepping meats in butcher shops, and for preparing doughs in busy bakeries. Stainless steel is a sturdy material and is the material of choice for a large selection of expondo products, including bain-maries. Of course, the cooling table is also a fantastic asset for pizzerias, providing plenty of space to knead and press your pizza dough, and chop your fresh pizza toppings, directly from the fridge. In fact, our multipurpose cooling table is an ingenious design for any facility where hygiene and temperature-control are key, for instance in labs, hospitals and testing facilities. Built with hardwearing stainless steel, our cooling tables are lightweight but can also withstand heavy loads. Stainless steel is not only our top choice for its robust nature, it also allows for quick and easy clean-up time, helping you to maintain vital hygiene standards in your workspace. The four spacious drawers and large cupboard space allow you to keep all of your ingredients neatly organised, keeping your most important produce at hand’s reach. Like all of our refrigeration equipment, our energy efficient cooling table is designed to have minimal strain on the environment. And with its auto-defrost setting, you can be confident of excellent temperature control - between 0 and 10 degrees C. The unit is also highly intuitive and easy to monitor thanks to its clear LED display. To customise your stainless-steel cooling table, the four sturdy legs can be adjusted to fit to your kitchens dimensions.

Smart storage and efficient workspace

• Pizza cooling tables • Space for up to eight GN containers • Optional glass attachment • Stainless steel cabinets • Adjustable shelves • Suitable for a wide range of industries

The Expondo range is well stocked with plenty of ingenious storage options for your kitchen and beyond. For a more specialised cooling table, why not check out our range of pizza cooling tables, especially suitable for pizzerias and face-to-face service setups. Each of our pizza cooling tables features separate refrigerated compartments to keep your ingredients organised and at the perfect temperature. For extra ease of use, some models feature additional storage for up to eight GN containers and even a glass attachment to protect your ingredients while on display. In our wide selection of stainless steel cupboards, you’ll find plenty of solutions for storing dry or canned ingredients such as rice, beans, spices, and flour, as well as crockery, utensils and cooking gadgets. Our hygienic cupboards, sink cabinets, and wall hanging cabinets are not only at home in the catering industry. They can also be used in workshops and garages to store professional tools of all sizes or even in labs and hospitals to store all manner of industrial supplies. With their adjustable internal shelf space, compartments can be customised to store even large power tools. So, wherever you work, think smart storage to make your business run smoothly.