Electric Blanket

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When the cold months heat, there’s no place you’d rather be than tucked up in a warm blanket. Well now there’s no need for extra layers and soaring central heating. With our cosy electric blankets from the cosmetics experts at Physa, you’ll be warmed up the whole night through. With single or double bed options available, our blankets are ideal for homes, hotels, hospitals and spas – anywhere that comfort is key.

Warm up with our range of electric blankets from Physa

• Ideal for homes, hotels, hospitals and spas • Single or double bed size • Multiple heat zones • Soft fleece • Hypoallergenic • Easy to install

Did you know that there’s more to an electric blanket than a cosy night’s sleep? Heat is also great for stimulating circulation, eases muscle pain, releases tension and, of course, has a relaxing effect on the body. That’s why when the cold nights come knocking, it’s good to have an electric blanket from the Expondo range, ready to plug in. Found in our range of beauty essentials, our electric blankets from Physa are essential equipment for hotels and B&Bs – anywhere that relaxation and a good night’s sleep are important. They’re also idea in medical facilities or in housing for elderly people, and are especially useful for easing arthritis and rheumatic ailments. For massage and spa facilities, you could even attached you blanket to a cushioned massage bench to add extra comfort to every treatment. Our blankets come in two sizes, single or double. The larger of the two even features two separately controlled heat-zones to suit your individual preferences. You can choose between three heat settings: 25 to 30 °C, 40 to 45 °C, and 45 to 55 °C. If you don’t want to keep your electric blanket plugged in all night, you can simply use it to warm your bed before you hit a hay. The Physa electric blanket has a fleecy surface for maximum comfort. But don’t worry – all of this fleece is allergy friendly, crafted with hypoallergenic polyester. The electric blanket is equipped with an overheat protection function which switches off the device in the event that the temperature gets too high. Physa electric blankets couldn’t be easier to install – simply fasten the edges of the blanket to your mattress - this prevents it from slipping out of position.

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