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Incubator Tray - goose

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Item: EX10130022


Model: IN-GET-32

Price includes 20% VAT.
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Key features
  • Large—space for 32 goose eggs
  • Durable—plastic grid made of polypropylene (PP)
  • Exact—for incubators from incubato (model numbers: 10130020; 10130019; 10130018; 10130017; 10130016)
  • Flexible—interchangeable with other trays
  • Space-saving—easy to store
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The incubator tray for goose eggs

No two eggs are identical, which is why there are differently-sized grids on the storage trays for different eggs such as goose eggs, duck eggs or quail eggs. They provide an optimal distance to the neighbouring eggs and at the same time ensure a secure position in the incubator.

Use every centimetre in your incubator with the incubator tray for goose eggs

The frame size of the goose egg tray matches the incubato incubator models IN-EI-264 to IN-EI-528. You can place up to 32 eggs on an incubator egg tray and let them hatch on one level of the incubator. Depending on how many levels your incubator has, you can place a correspondingly greater number of goose eggs inside it. You can also store several layers of eggs with the trays on top of each other. This egg setter tray is an indispensable aid for poultry breeding with incubators.
The incubator tray is made of polypropylene (PP), which is soft enough that it won't damage eggs, while offering sufficient stability to hold them in position. The plastic is also highly resilient, allowing you to wash or disinfect eggs on the incubator tray without damaging it. The incubator trays can be stored effortlessly thanks to their flat design.


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Frequently asked questions

For which incubators from incubato can I use this tray?

It can be used with model numbers 10130016, 10130017, 10130018, 10130019 and 10130020.

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