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Magnetic Drill Machine - 1.380 Watt - 600 r/min

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Item: EX10060431


Model: MSW-MD32-ECO

Price includes 20% VAT.
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Key features
  • High-powered engine with 1,380 watts power
  • Comfortable control panel with a seamless rotation regulation, direction of rotation and other operating elements
  • Extensive accessories, inside a hard-shell carrying case
  • Integrated cooling agent tank
  • Extensive safety precautions RCD magnet switch, robust lashing strap, easy-to-access safety switch, two-stage safety activation
  • Highly stressable, yet compact construction
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Magnetic Drill Machine – 1.380 Watt - 600 r/min

The magnetic drill machine by MSW is powered by up to 1,380 watts, which makes it a true powerhouse when it comes to working on magnetic surfaces. It does not matter if you need to work in a vertical or horizontal position. The powerful electromagnetic foot keeps the machine safely in its position. The magnetic drill machine is very reliable and a valuable tool for both industrial and commercial metalworking. The machine can be used for drilling, countersinking, thread cutting and ring drilling.
In metalworking, one thing is important above all else: Power. With its 1.380 watts power, the magnetic drill machine by MSW puts its competitors into their place. The seamlessly adjustable rotation speed of up to 600 rpm allows for a drilling with the mobile electrical device as well as lowering, ring boring and core drilling. When threading, you can reverse the direction of rotation. It prevents the freshly cut thread from being damaged when unscrewing the tap.
The construction of the machine allows for a simple and precise operation. The drilling depth from 0 to 175 mm can be precisely set with the three-arm rotary control. The integrated water level means that exact 90° angles are easily achieved and held.
The drill has a very practical integrated cooling agent tank. For simple tasks, the 300-millilitre tank can be filled with tap water. For more demanding jobs, a special coolant or cutting oil is used. This extends the service life of the drills and minimises maintenance.
With a weight of around 20 kilograms, the magnetic drill is heavy enough to produce precise results. At the same time, it is not too heavy to be used on the move. The compact construction and the connecting 2 m cable allow you to use the machine for work on bridges, cranes, ships and other construction sites where magnetic metals are processed. In addition to the industrial sector, companies in the metalworking industry such as locksmiths and car repair shops also benefit from this tool.
Not only the performance of the magnetic drill machine is important, but also its operational safety. With a maximum attraction of 11,500 Newton (the equivalent of over one ton), the magnet also works on thin workpieces which require a high attraction. Additional security is provided by the lashing strap (included in the delivery), which prevents damage to the workpiece and injury to the user, for example in the event of a power failure.
The RCD magnetic switch is another valuable safety feature. If the device is accidentally switched on after a power failure or a disconnect from the grid, the engine will not start. Another operation is only possible when the magnetic switch is set.
The composition of the accessories is a testimony to experience and expertise. A drill chuck for holding shafts with a diameter of up to 13 mm is included in the delivery, as well as a coolant tank, assembly tools and many other useful accessories. Replacement carbon brushes and fuses are included in the delivery. The set comes in a robust hard-shell transport case.


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2 months ago Posted on Expondo France


very good value for money, works perfectly, even in intensive use, delivered quickly

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3 months ago Posted on Expondo Germany

Price/performance great

Very good magnetic drilling machine, which we use in mechanical engineering. Serves its purpose. Fast delivery. Absolute purchase recommendation

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4 months ago Posted on Expondo Slovenia

Great thing

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5 months ago Posted on Expondo Germany


Device delivered quickly, faster than delivery date. Drill does what it is supposed to do very accurately and well

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last year Posted on Expondo Belgium

Magnetic drill

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2 years ago Posted on Expondo Sweden

Magnetic drill

Worked fine and did its job.

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4 years ago Posted on Amazon Germany



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4 years ago Posted on Amazon Italy

great product

Shipping faster than the delivery date. I am a metal carpenter and the product is very good with a really high attraction force, the spindle turns straight for precision drilling. The speed knob helps a lot with the right cutting speed to manage the adequate tip, in fact I made many holes (186 to be precise) on a one centimeter sheet metal with the same tip without ever having to sharpen it because by setting the right speed the tip remained intact. I also wanted to add that by decreasing the rotation speed I decrease even the torque is adequate. I recommend this product for professional work.

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last year Posted on Amazon Germany

Powerful magnetic drill

Good drill, unfortunately a little loud, but it's still ok. , Accessories good, only alternative lashing strap or belt buckle not very suitable.

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4 years ago Posted on Amazon Germany

Good magnetic drill

I haven't really put any strain on the drill yet. I have only drilled four holes so far (2x 5 mm, 2x 20 mm); worked without any problems. The machine runs quietly and is strong enough. The speed can be easily regulated. The magnet is strong enough for attachment. The included strap is useless for a meaningful holder. There is also no area on the machine where the belt should be mounted. Soon I will have to drill 16 holes for M12. Let's see how the machine does.

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Frequently asked questions

Are there other magnetic drills in your range?

Yes, there are other magnetic drills with different characteristics in the category: Electronic devices > Drills & Screwdrivers > Core drills

Can I fill water into the cooling tank to cool the device?

Yes, you can also cool the device with water.

Can I drill threads?

Yes, you can also drill threads into metal with a corresponding thread drill (not included in delivery).

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