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Powder Coating Gun - 2 x 400 ml - 15 to 50 psi

Price includes 20% VAT.

Item: EX10061114


Model: MSW-PCS-50

Price includes 20% VAT.
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Key features
  • Forceful—powerful 15 to 50 psi operating pressure
  • Environmentally friendly—device does not require electricity, powered by compressed air
  • Efficient—two 400 ml containers for powder coating without constant refilling
  • Handy—lightweight ergonomic construction for comfortable operation
  • Versatile—perfect for powder coating metal, plastic, wood and many other materials
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Powder coating unplugged-with the powder coating gun without electricity

Want to easily and professionally apply a protective powder coating to materials such as steel, aluminium, wood or glass? No problem, thanks to the powder coating gun MSW-PCS-50 from MSW, your experts for high-quality garage equipment and automotive paint supplies. This powder spray gun does not require electricity, making it especially environmentally friendly. Just attach it to an air compressor and off you go!

Protect metal, glass and more with the powder paint gun from MSW's professional tools collection

Powder coating is the ideal method when it comes to making surfaces resistant to environmental influences and visually upgrading them. Simply screw one of the two 400 ml powder paint containers onto the top of the powder paint gun and clamp the 1.95 m-long grounding cable to the workpiece. The powder particles are electrostatically charged in the spray gun so they stick to the object being sprayed at an operating pressure of 15 to 50 psi. This process enables you to powder coat various materials, which makes the treated objects significantly more robust than traditional paint. For example, you can protect the aluminium rims on your car from scratches or chips by applying a powder coat.
Before the coating process, the surface must first be thoroughly cleaned of grease. Materials like plastic with poor or no electrical conductivity must be heated or pre-treated with a bonding agent before spraying the powder. Once the powder coat is finished, the coated product must be cured at a temperature of 120 to 220 °C. The high temperature melts the smallest powder particles, making the coating permanent and giving it an even thickness.
The light weight and ergonomic design make this powder coat gun effortless to use even for long periods without tiring your arm. Additionally, because no solvent is used, in contrast to liquid paint, powder coating is very environmentally friendly and does not leave behind drops of paint. The powders, available in nearly every colour, make objects extremely resistant to weathering, corrosion and even many chemicals.


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4 months ago Posted on Expondo Sweden

Bang for the buck

Cheap sprayer that works great. Don't forget that a regulator is required for the air.

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4 months ago Posted on Expondo Czech Republic

Powder coating gun

Excellent price-performance ratio. The absolute cleanliness of the lacquered object must be observed and it is best to fire it at 250 degrees C before varnishing. The powder also adheres better to a warm object.

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2 years ago Posted on ManoMano France

Easy to use gun and meets my expectations!

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2 years ago Posted on Expondo France

Very good product

Product does the job. Good result. Be careful, its price varies from 119 to 169 constantly.

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2 years ago Posted on Expondo France

Great product


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last year Posted on ManoMano France

Tested 3 times, I am very happy with my purchase. Much more practical than my old one where you have to plug it into the mains. Does the job perfectly.

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Frequently asked questions

What material is the nozzle made of?

The spray nozzle is made of plastic (PTFE).

Do I need triboelectric powder colours or can I use any kind?

You can use epoxy or polyester powder paints.

Does the powder coating gun also work when the nozzle is pointed upwards?

For optimum spray results, you should maintain an angle of ±30°.

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