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Vacuum Packing Machine - 440 W - 31 cm - stainless steel

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Model: RCVG-41

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Key features
  • Practical—hygienic and space-saving airtight packaging
  • Versatile—numerous applications for food, cosmetics, electronics and other products
  • Powerful—with 440 W and a double pump
  • Professional—extends the shelf life and preserves the flavour and aroma
  • Durable—thanks to high-quality materials and integrated cooling fan
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Seal food and other foods into protective film in an airtight, fast and space-saving manner with the vacuum packing machine

Protect your food and extend its shelf life with the vacuum packing machine RCVG-41 from Royal Catering's catering equipment collection. Meat, vegetables, herbs and even sauces retain their freshness in the airtight packaging and form the basis for tasty meals in restaurants, hotels or for catered events over a long period of time. Vacuum-packed food as well as other products such as cosmetics or electronic parts can be stored to save space and stay safely protected from dust and dirt.

Powerful professional stainless steel vacuum packaging machine with numerous functions

The vacuum sealing machine sucks all of the air of the plastic bag thanks to its 440 W double pump. The closing mechanism ensures that the bag is not damaged and that air cannot penetrate. You can select the bag size of the packaging film up to a width of 31 cm. Once the device has finished creating a vacuum, the bag opening is sealed with a wide seam. This prevents decay processes of food through oxidation, in which fungi or bacteria can form. The food remains fresh for longer and can even be stored frozen for months. The hermetically packed ingredients are also suitable for gentle sous vide cooking.
The housing of the commercial vacuum packing machine is made of stainless steel, so that the unit meets the highest hygienic standards. The vacuum packing machine is operated using an intuitive touchpad with digital display and has a variety of functions for securely packaging your goods.
The vacuum packing machine is highly durable thanks to the high-quality materials and flawless workmanship. In addition, an integrated cooling fan protects this piece of commercial kitchen equipment from overheating, making it suitable for frequent or long-term use.


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13 days ago Posted on Expondo Hungary

Excellent machine!

Excellent in every way! The price is also very good and the delivery was fast! I can only recommend the machine and the seller!!

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3 months ago Posted on Expondo France


I am very satisfied with this machine and highly recommended. Vacuuming and sealing is a breeze. Everything is quick and easy thanks to the clear control panel.

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5 months ago Posted on Expondo Hungary


Nice product! Price value ratio! It works as it should.

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8 months ago Posted on Expondo Denmark

Good product

Super nice product, works as it should

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11 months ago Posted on Expondo Czech Republic

Excellent vacuums for me. A double feud. Great satisfaction. I took advantage of the discounts and the price was interesting. I can easily recommend

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2 years ago Posted on Amazon Italy


Very professional

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8 months ago Posted on Expondo Switzerland

Very satisfied

The device sucks the air out of the vacuum bag very well. Welding 1A, optimal product for long-term storage of goods.

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3 years ago Posted on Expondo Finland

I would have expected more from such an expensive device....

The first experience with the device almost led to a recall; the user manual was not included; the booklet contained only a QR code and web addresses, both of which only led to the device's sales page. The first impression was dismal; did not seal properly and did not produce a vacuum. However, I gave the device another chance and it started to produce tight seams; whether there were some initial problems with the new device, as well as finding the right adjustment. The vacuuming also started to succeed, when I realized that I had to press really briskly from both corners in order for the lid to lock properly. There is no indicator light or alarm about a bad lock in the device. The start button for the vacuuming process is marked with just "Start" and right next to it is "Seal" - sometimes the buttons get confused. The device does have a good vacuum power and the seaming is also successful, as long as you find the right setting. A working device, but by no means good.

Reply from

Hello, We are sorry for the problems you encountered with the vacuum packaging machine and the user manual. We hope the user guide you provided was helpful when you requested it, and we apologize if the delay was too long. We have taken immediate action to address the concerns you have raised. Your feedback helps us improve and if we can help you further, please let us know.
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Frequently asked questions

Can this vacuum machine also remove liquids?

No, this machine is only intended for removing air. For liquids we recommend a chamber vacuum sealer.

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