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Great news for gyms, hotels and fitness enthusiasts! We’ve introduced a range of strength training equipment for home and professional use from the fitness experts at Gymrex. Whether you’re looking for equipment for light exercise or a full hardcore workout, our range has something for you, from boxing equipment to weights, multi gym machines, and pull-up bars. Gymrex offer the high quality fitness equipment, designed to be safe, comfortable, long-lasting and adjustable to your fitness needs. Discover the full range below.

For building strength and boosting cardio

• High quality gym equipment

• Ideal for businesses and home

• Fully adjustable

• East to install

• Sturdy and long lasting

• Multifunctional

• Warrantee included

New to the Expondo range, our selection of strength training equipment from Gymrex is ideal for a wide range of businesses and home use. We also have a new range of endurance training equipment from Gymrex, complete with a sturdy trampoline for indoor or outdoor use. For gyms and sports facilities, you can bet the Gymrex range will offer the safety and quality of competing global sports brands. If you’re running a hotel, resort or spa, it’s great to be able to offer your guests a range of strength training equipment for light exercise or a full workout. And if you’re investing for your home or for a small gym for the office, our strength training equipment is easy to install and operate. In the boxing equipment range, you’ll find a punching bag with a pull-up bar, as well as a punch bag ceiling bracket and wall bracket (flexible installation options to suit your needs). The Gymrex punching bag is designed with a durable steel construction to ensure a strong hold to the wall or ceiling, and is highly resistant. Therefore extra weights can be added, such speedy punch bags, to the pull-up bar. The rubber caps on the handles of our ceiling-mounted pull-up bar ensure additional comfort, grip, and safety. The punch-bag and pull up bar comes with a three year warranty to give you peace of mind. Every piece of equipment in our strength training range can be adjusted to your needs. To get the most use out of compact workout space, check out our multi-purpose gym equipment ideal to complete an endless choice of exercises on different muscle groups and with a wide range weights. Adjust the bench for incline and decline exercises and adjust the weight for various levels of intensity. Your ideal one-stop-shop for strength training.

For the full body of work

• Cosmetic and health equipment

• Skin treatment steamers

• Adjustable benches and chairs

• Ensure comfort

• Range of anatomy models

• Talk your clients through their needs

We’ve already talked about our growing range of fitness equipment. But what about other physical needs? In our professional tools range, we also have a wide range of products for health, beauty, and aromatherapy facilities. In our full range of health and beauty supplies, you’ll find pedicure footstools, portable humidifiers, skin treatment steamers and more! These are great for spas, massage centres, and beauty centres. Not to mention our range of adjustable massage benches and chairs, not only great for a lengthy massage but also for physical examinations, treatments, dental care, waxing and tattoo sessions. Our benches and chair are fully adjustable, cushioned for comfort, and resistant to oils and other cosmetic products.