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The best outdoor play equipment for kids

Playground equipment for the garden holds a special fascination for children. Garden play equipment is highly popular with youngsters and often depends on current trends among their friends and also on their age. While the very young enjoy unforgettable feel-good moments on supervised swings, as they get older it is not uncommon for the sporting aspect of outdoor play equipment to take centre stage. For slightly older children, the children's playground for the garden gives way to a basketball hoop or a trampoline. Fitness equipment is also popular outdoor children's playground equipment.

Playground equipment that is suitable for the garden also depends on the size of the garden. If you are the proud owner of a small garden plot, you can find a wide range of playground equipment for the garden that needs little space. A small garden trampoline can provide as much fun as larger models or other outdoor play equipment that takes up a lot of space.

What outdoor play equipment for children should you choose?

To choose the appropriate garden play equipment for children, you should first consider the size and age of the children. Playground equipment for small children should in no way pose a risk of accidents. Sharp corners and edges as well as protruding screws and components that are not tight are a no-go on children's garden play equipment. When it comes to wooden play equipment for the garden, you should make sure that everything is cleanly finished and that no dangerous splinters can come off. Wooden play equipment also requires maintenance from time to time with a suitable oil or glaze.

Especially popular garden playground equipment for slightly older children accommodate their natural urge to move. Boys can be just as enthusiastic about basketball, the popular street sport, as girls. Accordingly, basketball hoops are popular as playground equipment for the garden. For small children, basketball hoops are only suitable to a limited extent. Basketball hoops, like trampolines, are not ideal outdoor play equipment until children no longer need constant supervision.

Playground equipment that promises a particularly high fun factor is water sports equipment. SUP boards ideally complement your garden playground equipment. There is also playground equipment for the garden among the equipment for fitness training. This type of garden play equipment delights many children and encourages healthy exercise in the fresh air.

Playground equipment for small gardens

To have fun with playground equipment does not require a huge, spacious area. Play and garden are by no means mutually exclusive, even on small plots. Garden playground equipment for small children usually requires little space. Suitable play equipment for small gardens can be, for example, gymnastic mats and fitness equipment. If the space available for your children's play equipment is limited, a small trampoline can also be a successful addition.

Outdoor toys – wide range of products

Playground equipment for the garden is part of the Expondo online offer. When it comes to choosing high-quality garden play equipment, you can find a wide selection of hand-picked products that promise a lot of fun in our selection. Inexpensive garden playground equipment as well as higher-priced playground equipment for children, designed for durability, are available in our store. Dive into the world of Expondo garden playground equipment


Swings are among the perennial favourites among garden playground equipment. A modern version of this play equipment for children are nest swings. In our range, you can find a swing for the smallest to relax their soul. It is height-adjustable and suitable for people weighing up to 100 kg.


Garden trampolines are suitable as garden play equipment for small children. However, if the children are older and want to train jumping, strength and coordination skills, trampolines are the first choice. In our range, you can find small and large trampolines over 3m in diameter.

Basketball hoop

Basketball stands are amongst the hottest playground equipment for any garden. We offer different height-adjustable models that grow with the size and bounce of the kids.


Telescopes are interesting playground equipment for children as well as adults. Exploring the firmament on a starry night is fun for the whole family. Discover our offer.

Equipment for fitness training

Fitness equipment is for adults as well as for boys and girls. In our store, you can find the right equipment for your next workout.

Water sports equipment

Water sports don't have to be limited to splashing around in the backyard pool with garden play equipment. Inflatable SUP boards guarantee a good mood on lakes as well as at the open sea.