Tray trolley

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If you’re running a large-scale eatery – such as a canteen, dinner or hotel restaurant – you know that it takes a lot of wait staff to carry all the trays that come in and out of the kitchen. And there’s always the risk of dropping everything and making a mess! Don’t subject yourself and your staff to that stress when you could add a tray trolley to your catering kit. Like all our stainless steel trolleys, these are robust and built to roll smoothly.

A tray trolley with multiple uses

A quality tray trolley should be able to hold the weight of multiple fully-loaded trays while rolling smoothly and quietly along the floor and staying steady on its feet. Thanks to quality design and the best possible manufacturing materials, our top brand Royal Catering has produced a range of tray trolleys you can count on to perform. Our stainless steel furniture is all engineered and produced to be clean, functional and rust-free, while looking at home in any professional establishment, from restaurants to hospital cafeterias.

A tray trolley isn’t just for bussing trayfuls of dirty plates – this is one truly useful and multifunctional piece of equipment! Use a tray trolley to bring food to your customers when it’s ready, to save your wait staff the sore feet and back pain of carrying each individual tray. If you are running a self-service restaurant, such as a roadside rest or salad bar, leave some tray trolleys by your exit for your guests to deposit their trays once they have finished. And you can even use a smaller trolley, such as our budget-friendly six-slot trolley, to display hot or cold food and serve it from table to table (perfect for cruise liners or gala dinners!), much like a professional serving trolley. Ranging from 6 to 30 tray slots, out catalogue of tray trolleys has models for the smallest to the biggest venues, helping you take care of your customer base and stay in budget! And our highest-capacity tray trolley can cope with even the busiest peak times.

Keep rolling, rolling, rolling...

Made from sturdy materials and with robust construction, these tray trolleys can withstand a lot of punishment without breaking or becoming rickety with age. The stainless steel framework is easy to clean and hygienic, while the solid rubber wheels roll on a carefully-engineered ball-bearing mechanism for smooth, quiet transport with no squeaking! The ‘parking brake’ on each model means you can lock the trolley in position once it is in the place you want it, and ensure that it will not move as it is being used. And the bumper protection and useful handles make it easy and safe to manoeuvre. All our industrial appliances and handy tools are built with long-lasting, reliable quality in mind, for professional caterers and commercial environments of all kinds.

Many of our regular customers combine a trolley tray with a few of our cutlery trays, for easy bussing of clean and dirty cutlery as well as crockery. And if you try out our stainless steel furniture and are convinced of the quality, you might even wish to try one of our electrical appliances for professional chefs and caterers, such as our capacious commercial fridges. We have hundreds of different time-, labour- and energy-saving devices to help your kitchen run smoothly, efficiently and cleanly. Give yourself and your staff a break by investing in some high-end, affordable catering equipment – because a happy kitchen means happy customers!