Gas Griddle - 65 cm - Propane/Butane - 30 mbar

Item number: EX10010101 / Model: RCGL 65L30H

Gas Griddle - 65 cm - Propane/Butane - 30 mbar

  • Item number: EX10010101
  • Model: RCGL 65L30H
  • In the product range since: 2008

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Gas griddle - 65 cm - Propane/Butane 30 mbar

The gas griddle RCGL 65L30H from Royal Catering is a professional kitchen appliance, and it is perfectly suited for usage in hotel restaurants, bars, fast-food restaurants or catering companies, as well as in your home kitchen. The grill is flexible and its light weight of only 32.5 kg allows for indoor and outdoor usage.

Note: The approval of the gas griddle with a working pressure of 30 mbar applies to the following countries: BE, CY, CZ, ES, FR, GB, GR, IE, IT, LT, PL, PT, SI & SK.

(You can also find a model with 50 mbar under the gas griddles, for AT, CH, DE, SK.)

Gas griddle RCGL 65L30H from the catering supplies by Royal Catering


The gas griddle is 65 cm wide and has a splash guard at the back and the sides. This protects the food from wind and heat loss and ensures that no food falls from the grill or grease spatters soil the surroundings. The grill is made from high-quality stainless steel and is protected against corrosion and easy to clean.


The large grill is made from cast iron and perfectly conducts the heat from the heating element to the food items. The massive plate has a smooth surface which makes it very hygienic. Because of this high-quality material, a heat related warping of the gastronomical grill is prevented.


The gas griddle has a gas consumption of 0.228 m³/h at a pressure of 30 mbar. The highly modern grill operates with propane or butane gas. The built-in, fully automated thermostat ensures that the set temperature is continually forwarded towards the food. Two high-powered burners, powered by 3000 watts each, ensure that the gas griddle quickly reaches its operating temperature of 50 - 300 °C.


The electric grills by Royal Catering have an overheat protection. This ensures that the gas is cut if the temperature reaches a certain point and prevents an overheating of the device.


The gas griddle RCGL 65L30H has a removable drip tray and a drain device through which excess dripping runs. The drip tray is removable and dishwasher-proof. Non-slip rubber knobs ensure a sturdy footing while protecting the work surface from scratches.


  • Extensive grilling area with 2 heating elements
  • Easy to clean and to operate
  • Protection and hygiene because of the stainless steel
  • Quick heating with 2 high-powered burners
  • Mobile

Key Facts

2 x 3,000 W
Temperature range
30 mbar
Gas consumption
0.228 m³/h
Pressure (double-burner)
MJ: 21.3
Kcal: 5817
Pressure (single-burner)
MJ: 10.65
Kcal: 2908.5
Dimensions (LxWxH)
58 x 65 x 35 cm
32.5 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
73 x 65 x 40 cm
Shipping weight
39 kg
expert review

Review by Michał Orłowski, expondo expert (14.02.2019)

Comfort and efficiency

As a rule, the griddle is the most-used appliance in the kitchen, and it needs to be efficient and hassle-free. These gas griddles are both. The high-quality steel grill surface ensures that the device heats up quickly and distributes the heat evenly. The stainless-steel housing makes the griddle highly resistant to corrosion and easy to clean. The gas flow is easy to control, extremely efficient, failure-free and easy to maintain. Its small size enables you to find space for the griddle even in cramped kitchens. I recommend it for fast food restaurants and bars, lunch counters and restaurants.

  • Gas griddle RCGL 65L30H
  • 4 rubber knobs
  • Instruction manual

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