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Actively sit on saddle stools and saddle chairs from expondo 

This will come as a surprise to no one: we sit too much. Phrases like "Those who sit longer, die faster" or "Sitting is the new smoking" highlight a health problem that affects a large part of society.However, the "sitting disease" is also one of the most easily preventable factors for cardiovascular diseases, for obesity or for back or joint pain. In addition to regular exercise breaks, the way we sit plays an essential role in avoiding such widespread health issues. Saddle stools are considered the healthiest way to sit. Find out here why, what types of saddle stools there are and what you should look out for when choosing in order to find the right model for you. 

Benefits for health and well-being 

Saddle stools or saddle chairs imitate - as the name suggests - the dynamic sitting position of riders on a saddle. The special shape promotes an active sitting posture and offers the following advantages: 

  • The spine retains its natural S-shape: relief for the back and especially the intervertebral discs; so that posture defects are prevented. 

  • The body weight is distributed on both ischial tuberosities, which reduces the pressure on the pelvic area. 

  • The upper body stays upright while the core and torso muscles remain active. This minimises neck tension, ensures good circulation and deep abdominal breathing. 

  • The upright posture gives the organs more space and less pressure on the digestive tract. 

  • Your well-being and ability to concentrate increase and are maintained throughout the day. 

Despite the numerous positive effects that a saddle stool offers, regular exercise is essential. This can usually be incorporated quite easily into everyday office life: A few steps during a phone call, regular stretching exercises or working at a sit-stand desk are small changes that will have a noticeable effect on your health and well-being. 

Who are saddle chairs suitable for? 

Saddle stools provide good support for any professions or activities that are performed in a sitting position and require flexibility. The unusual chair shape is particularly familiar from the practices of general practitioners, dentists and physiotherapists. Due to the positive effects, saddle chairs are also used increasingly more often in other areas such as in beauty or hairdressing salons. Here's an overview of the versatile possibilities for a saddle seat stool: 

  • At home: in your home office, for school work, DIY or crafts 

  • Services: hairdressing, cosmetics, podiatry and massage studios or in offices. 

  • Medical field: medical, physiotherapeutic and occupational therapy practices. 

  • Industrial: at factories or in the laboratory 

Ergonomic saddle stools are in principle suitable for all groups of people, but especially for people who: 

  • Are health-conscious, 

  • Suffer from back problems or other seat-related complaints, 

  • Want to work flexibly and in a concentrated manner. 

Roller stools are a simple and inexpensive way to make sedentary work more ergonomic in numerous areas for many people. 

Which saddle stool is right for me? 

Saddle stools and saddle chairs come in different shapes, qualities and price ranges. In the following section, you will find out what you should look for when choosing one so that you can buy exactly the right saddle stool: 

  1. Saddle stool or saddle chair? 

First, how to decide between: a saddle stool or saddle chair? A saddle chair is simply a saddle stool with a backrest. The smaller saddle stools are more flexible and mobile than the somewhat more expansive saddle chairs.Saddle chairs with backrests, however, offer a little more relaxation and occasional relief for the back on long working days. What both designs have in common, however, are the advantages for health and well-being - a saddle stool offers a small advantage here due to the basically more active sitting position. 

  1. These features are a must for quality and comfort 

When choosing a saddle stool with wheels, look for the following quality features and characteristics: 

  • Hydraulically adjustable seat height for effortless adjustment 

  • Wide base for more stability and safety 

  • Smooth, quiet wheels for more mobility

  • Seat is made of easy-to-clean materials  

  • Robust frame- made of chrome-plated steel - for a long service life 

Especially for surgeries, our saddle chairs with a chrome frame and a smooth, waterproof upholstery cover meet the highest hygiene requirements. In addition to products with all these quality features, you will also find models with additional features in our shop:  

  • Saddle stool with armrest 

  • Saddle stool with footrest 

These extras combine ergonomic work with relieving additional functions. In addition, they can help you get used to the beginning phases of the saddle stool. You can read about what else you should look out for in the following. 

Are you sitting correctly on a saddle stool: Here's how! 

The bitter truth about the beginning: It takes a period of time to get used to the saddle stool until you really feel comfortable. This is mainly due to the unaccustomed sitting posture, which is very different from that of a normal chair. To make sure you do everything right despite the unfamiliar position, follow our recommendations: 

  • For optimal adjustment, extend the saddle stool to its maximum height once and then lower it until your feet touch down flat. Instead of a 90° angle between the upper body and legs and in the knees, aim for an angle of about 130° between them.  

  • Due to the elevated sitting position, the standard height of most desks is often not sufficient. For an appropriate working height, you can choose between a height-adjustable desk or an inexpensivesit-stand desk attachment. 

  • Place your feet to the left and right of the chair to open the hips. 

  • For maximum comfort, sit as far back as possible on the saddle stool. 

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