Stainless Steel Trolleys

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Let’s face it: If your service doesn’t fit the bill, then your food won’t make the impression it deserves. From friendly conversation, lighting and music to your choice of cutlery and napkins, there are dozens of ways to win the hearts and repeated business of your customers. Our stainless steel trolley range from the culinary experts at Royal Catering, is uniquely designed for professionals to add that extra air of finesse and elegance to your catering or hospitality business.

Service that lights up the room...

Wherever you set the table, there’s always room for an extra touch of class in your dining service, and investing in quality catering and serving equipment can help you do just that. With a wide selection of sizes to choose from, we’ve got the right stainless steel trolley to impress your customers. From cosy cafes serving up tea and cakes, to sprawling dining halls serving dish after dish, our trolleys are ideal for displaying your food in a way that lights up the room and give your staff that extra edge of efficiency and professionalism. Our stainless steel trolley range is also suitable beyond the catering industry, for instance in laboratories, hospitals, workshops and schools - any workspace where cleanliness and efficiency are a top priority. In our range of serving trolleys, we’ve got a selection of sizes depending on your business’ needs. Our smallest model featuring two trays is ideal for cafes and compact restaurants, to help your staff to wheel through the aisles with ease. We feature models with a choice of up to five trays, so for bustling restaurants and hotel buffets, even the busiest service can be tackled with ease. Each stainless steel trolley is designed to intuitive ergonomic specifications, with shock absorption to reduce spillage and rubber wheels to improve movement and minimise noise.

Stainless steel: A timeless classic that lasts

A stainless steel trolley is a multi-purpose addition to your catering equipment, useful not only to impress your guests, but also to speed up the clean-up process after closing time, by helping you to swiftly clear up plates, cutlery and even linens before the next service begins. For intensive set-up and clean-up jobs, our range of tray trolleys offers excellent storage and mobility, allowing you to clear large loads of cups, cutlery and waste, with minimum risk of spillage or clutter. For caterers on the move our range of catering trolleys are ideal for moving heavy loads, while their lightweight material and foldable design make them easy to transport and save you space in your catering van. For hotels and B&Bs, our laundry trolleys can carry loads of up to 250 litres of laundry and linen. These hardwearing trolleys can also be used in gyms and sports centres for clearing up towels and gym gear. Like our other stainless steel trolley options, the laundry sorter is designed for swift movement with minimum noise disruption, so you can discreetly keep your hotel looking top notch, while your guests sleep soundly. When it comes to investing in your business, we believe that stainless steel is the professional choice for buying craft supplies and catering options, or upgrading your industrial equipment. With their smooth and hard wearing exterior, each stainless steel trolley is strong, long-lasting, resistant to dents and scrapes, and very easy to clean saving you time, wherever you work. For more reasons to choose this timeless classic, check out our full range of stainless steel equipment and furniture. From quality cutting devices, robust work surfaces and intuitive hygiene solutions, you’ll see why stainless steel is always a best seller here at Expondo.