Stainless Steel Shelves

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They say a great kitchen is all about the ingredients, but we all know that when it comes to keeping on top of food orders, it’s also vital to stay organised. Otherwise, you might end up somewhere between burnt toast and cold soup! With a selection of stainless steel shelves, you can maximise on your wall space, safely store equipment and ingredients, and create clutter-free food displays.

Stainless steel shelves for your kitchen

In our full range of stainless steel furniture we’ve got a versatile selection of shelving solutions, for kitchens and other industrial spaces such as factories and hospitals. As with all of our culinary and industrial equipment, hygiene is a major priority. Built with robust steel, our easy-to-wipe stainless steel shelves make cleaning up a breeze and help you to maintain professional hygiene standards, across a range of industry sectors from food to health. All of our stainless steel shelves are designed for wall-mounting, so you can save on floor space and keep busy walkways clear – another health and safety perk! With a shelf thickness of 3.5cm and a choice of widths, you can choose the loading capacity you need to maximise on space in even the smallest of kitchens.

Our cheapest stainless steel shelf from Royal Catering (30x90cm) is sold with mounting materials as standard and is ideal for smaller kitchens and workspaces. Our large wall shelf from Bartscher is an impressive 1400cm in width and is ideal for storing heavy equipment in large kitchens and factories. Our double floating wall shelf (80cm) with 2 height adjustable storage areas allows you to easily modify your shelving space to adapt to your storage needs. And our spice shelf with 5 x 1/4GN containers included allowing you to keep ingredients and supplies at hand and organised. GN containers are not included for Bartscher spice shelves but can be purchased in our range of catering equipment.

Stainless steel shelves are a robust and easy-to-clean solution for storing and displaying food

Across all industries, accidents caused by unstable and insufficient storage are not uncommon. Ensure the safety of both your equipment and your employees by installing sturdy stainless steel shelves that can bear a massive load. With their sleek, modern finish, our stainless steel shelves from Royal Catering and Bartscher are an elegant addition to any workspace. While some assembly is required, with their lightweight design and mounting materials included as standard (assembly materials vary across brands), installing your stainless steel shelves is safe and easy. For easy customisation, you can choose between of our single shelves, multi-tiered shelves, and spice shelves. And for more industrious workspaces, you can even combine several models for a one-stop shop for all your storage needs.

For safety and stability, stainless steel is the top choice in any kitchen or workspace. Our stainless steel tables are another dependable addition to your culinary supplies. With 2-tiered options of up to 2 meters in width and optional upstands, chopping and prepping your fresh ingredients has never been so easy. Once your kitchen is kitted out with shelves, work surfaces and tables, our full range of cooking gadgets will give you plenty of ideas for your next culinary investment. And for more ideas on renovating your kitchen or industrial space, take a look at our full range of craft supplies. For a safe and elegant space-saving solution to your storage needs, take a look at our selection of stainless steel shelves. After all, efficiency and organisation are vital in any well-oiled kitchen.