Sink Cabinets

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Whether you want to wash food, clean dishes, store your equipment or simply have an essential tool to place in your business – a sink cabinet is a must-have for your hotel, restaurant, bar or canteen. Treat yourself to a range of high-quality units for your commercial kitchen to complement stainless steel cupboards and guarantee high-quality equipment for your business – be it in a relaxed or hectic kitchen environment.

Throw the kitchen sink at it and be impressed

• Ideal for washing in • Also ideal for storage • High-quality material to ensure durability and reliability • Classy designs to blend seamlessly into any kitchen environment • Strong units with good value for money – great combination of vital components

Sink cabinets from Royal Catering are great sturdy units to efficiently wash in and base your kitchen around. A commercial kitchen without a sink cabinet is simply unimaginable - sinks are used for washing, preparing and liquid disposal. These are vital actions you need to be able to efficiently and confidently carry out your kitchen tasks - otherwise there would be no structure. Not only are sink cabinets essential for cleaning and washing – their unique storage features allow you to save space in your kitchen environment and are a considerable bonus when it comes to keeping your kitchen clean and tidy. As wall cupboards and work cupboards store your equipment in a classy manner, a sink storage unit also does this as well as including a sink – combining two vital kitchen components, making these units particularly special. You can also be certain of optimal reliability and durability as emphasis is placed on high-quality materials, as is the case with expondo’s professional tools and industrial equipment product ranges. Stainless steel workmanship and height adjustable stands allow you to count on your sink closet for long into the future as well as tailoring your desired working height to yourself, making work more comfortable as well as increasing efficiency. Long gone are the days of neck pain induced uncomfortable working heights as these intuitive units are catered especially to you. Classy aesthetics ensure that sink closets blend seamlessly into any kitchen environment with subtle features and designs. This helps to give your kitchen that professional edge as stainless steel is not only robust – it is particularly easy to clean and advantageous. With great practical features and aesthetics, you will no doubt find a strong investment.

Purchase a great sink cabinet to complement your stainless steel furniture

• Consistent high-quality materials to allow you to store and tidy your kitchen • A whole range of quality products with multiple uses • Forward your business with versatile and essential kitchen equipment • Invest in sturdy units and see returns in no time

As you can enjoy high-quality and great workmanship with sink cabinets, you can likewise be sure that stainless steel furniture presents a range which you and your business can really on. Stainless steel equipment is robust, stable and also particularly hygienic thanks to great workmanship, which allows you to have greater confidence in your kitchen equipment and focus on serving your many customers or family and friends. Ensure optimal hygiene with Royal Catering’s hygiene supplies and prepare food for high-quality stainless steel bain-maries. A whole range of versatile equipment is thus offered – organise your kitchen around expondo’s essentials for your kitchen range. Notably, many sink cabinets on offer feature a double sink feature. In line with various stainless steel equipment, this ensures that they present themselves as reliable and well-worth investments for your business, taking on the dirty work as you can focus on forwarding your business and ensuring optimal presentation of your restaurant, canteen, bar or snack shop. Invest in a stable stainless steel unit from expondo today and you will see returns in no time.