Stud Welder

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When it comes to metal processing, you need to invest in robust and efficient power tools that can be easily adjusted to the strength and pressure you need. With a quality stud welder from the welding experts at Stamos Germany, you have a wide range of welding techniques at your fingertips, for both indoor and outdoor tasks. Select from our range of lightweight, energy efficient models, suitable for a wide range of metal-types including stainless steel, aluminium, copper, and titanium.

Become a Welding Stud!

A stud welder gun differs from classic welding machines by providing the exact force and precision needed to weld studs and other small fixtures such as pins and screws to metal – a daily task that is familiar across countless industries. Whether you work in construction, craft or the automotive industry, or you are simply investing for your home equipment, our stud welder range has an option every skill level. The stud welder models in our craft supplies range offer an efficient blend of adjustable pressure and precision, giving you great results, with intuitively designed features that are quick and safe to use. Our basic stud welder is the STUD TORCH-4M from Stamos, ideal for fastening pins to thin metal sheets quickly and with plenty of freedom of movement. For professionals operating with heavier materials, our expert stud welder is ideal, for instance when working with metal threads that need to withstand exceptionally heavy loads. With its modern LED screen, you can continuously monitor voltage during use. Our stud welders are designed specifically for using the CD ignition method, using pins of between M3 and M10, and up to 40mm in length. Place the ignition tip of the bolt to your workpiece: Triggering a rapid rise in current, the tip is melted, the arc is extinguished, and the two parts are fixed together. Operating our stud welder devices requires no preparatory work such as drilling, tapping, punching, and minimal aftercare. You can easily adjust the pressure and speed of your stud welder, without the need for extra clamps, flux or gases. Housed in robust, ergonomic casing, and featuring adjustable voltage regulators, they offer a balanced blend of comfort and ease of use.

Choose a sturdy and powerful stud welder for both professional and private use

Our wide range of welding devices doesn’t stop there. To equip your stud welder, take a look at our range of highly durable welding studs, starting with our individually sold M3 welding chucks, designed with long-lasting copper, and ideal for working with bolts of 3mm in diameter and up to 40mm in length. Our largest set of M10 welding chucks features 100 pieces of steel, copper-plated studs measuring 10mm in diameter and 25mm in length, perfectly suited to working with thin metal sheets. At Expondo, caring about your business doesn’t stop at finding the perfect tools. Whether you’re investigating our industrial equipment or our catering supply range, you’ll find that we are thinking of everything from the building you work in to the hardworking hands that carry out your daily tasks. That’s why we provide a selection of safety equipment and welding accessories to partner your stud welder. In our range of welding accessories, you’ll find welding carts to help you transport your welding machine with safety and ease. You’ll also find foot pedals to provide hands-free control when you need to free your hands while you work – extremely important when working with high temperatures. Our selection of welding gloves in various sizes and thicknesses will protect your hands and offer excellent grip and flexibility during operation. Finally, our range of welding helmets features visors with a wide field of vision, reacting to light in a fraction of a second to protect your vision and improve visibility while you work.