TIG Welders

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As welding professionals with agree, TIG welding requires huge amounts of accuracy and concentration to get great results. But even the most highly trained and steady-handed welder requires a powerful and accurate tool to get the job done right. A high quality TIG welder from the trusted welding experts at Stamos Germany is your best when it comes to working safely and efficiently, and getting great results with a precise and solid join. Safeguard your workforce and your results by investing in one of our professional TIG welders today.

TIG welders for DIY and professionals on the job

  • Great available Tig welders to suit your needs
  • Weld a variety of metals
  • Complement MIG/MAG welders
  • Sturdy materials you can rely on

Made to a robust, professional standard, our TIG welders are safe and ergonomic machines, and can be operated by a wide range of users. For professional welding workshops, construction workers, plumbing and repairs companies, and home DIY enthusiasts, this high-powered device has a wide range of functions, from bike construction to piping repair. TIG welders are also ideal for creative professionals such as sculptors and furniture designers - a TIG welder from our catalogue of craft supplies will make a valuable addition to your creative workshop. No matter where you work, each device in our wide range of welders is designed to provide powerful welding force, for clean, finished joints, and steady, accurate control. Our TIG welders are designed for working with a range of non-ferrous metals such as copper, bronze, aluminium, and magnesium, as well as thin stainless steel. (For working with other metals such as steel, copper, stainless steel, brass, take a look at our range of Mig Mag welders. ) As any experienced welder knows, these materials require extreme heat and accuracy in order to manipulate effectively and create truly strong joins. TIG welders emit a protective gas stream, which allows you this vital flexibility and power in your work and gives you lasting, sturdy results. Even the cheapest of our TIG welders has been tested to meet industry safety standards, so you and your workforce will be in safe hands, always. Weighing just 13.15kg, this is the ideal compact and lightweight tool for working on the go. The most powerful of our TIG welders reaches a whopping 315A current, for an intense stream of power and an extremely strong hold. Mounted on a sturdy wheeled frame for easy transport, this expert model also offers a wide range of welding settings for different metals and working conditions, and is especially suitable for working with aluminium.

Quality welding with a wide range of metals

  • Essential units
  • Great value for money
  • Powerful devices for great results
  • Expert advice and assistance

In the Expondo range, we want every investment to take your business further, from our renowned range of catering supplies to our wide selection of industrial equipment. That’s why we feature products that combine the best balance of safety and versatility. Our TIG welders feature automatic cooling to avoid over-heating, and an anti-stick function to protect the electrode. Pulse function enables a more ventilated airflow, and again prevents overheating. The arc force function automatically adapts when the arc is getting shorter, making your device highly efficient. When it comes to your workforce, safety it a priority. Minimise the risk of injury or loss of eyesight during every task with our quality welding helmets – an essential investment for any welding business. With quick-change glass and many customisable settings, our range of helmets are suitable for everyone from beginners to experts, and will adapt to the task at hand. We also stock a range of robust, flexible welding gloves to keep your hands protected and give you excellent mobility while you work. Before you start on any welding task, a helmet and gloves should be top of your shopping list. Remember, a great welder means no compromising when it comes to quality, safety, efficiency, and price! Buy a Tig welder from expondo today!