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Many welders say that TIG welding is one of the trickiest welding types out there, due to the high accuracy required and the relative complexity of the process. No matter how good your training is, the success of your TIG weld can be best safeguarded by using quality equipment. Our professional-level TIG welders from reputed brands such as Stamos Germany help you achieve great results, with a precise and strong join.


TIG welders with all the essential features

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  • Weld a variety of metals
  • Complement MIG/MAG welders
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Both in professional welding workshops and in home DIY set-ups, sculptors‘ studios and vocational colleges, a TIG welder from our catalogue of craftsman‘s supplies will make a valuable addition to your equipment. All models in our wide range of welders are engineered to provide excellent results, with clean joins and as much control over the weld as possible, made possible by ergonomic design. TIG welders are ideal for welding non-ferrous metals like copper, bronze, aluminium and even magnesium, as well as thin stainless steel. The protective gas stream of the TIG welder allows you to be more flexible and more agile in your welding, and gives you an extremely strong join. This is what makes TIG welding such an invaluable type of welding: from bike construction to piping or tool repair, it has numerous applications. Our TIG welders offer optimum precision and safety, meeting or surpassing all industry standards and offering different levels of features for different user needs and budgets. Many welders combine a TIG welder with one of our MIG/MAG welders to make sure they are equipped for any project – and of course both of these tools are essential in any vocational education institute where students must learn the basics of metalwork. The compact size of these welders and their lightweight construction allows them to be used by mobile operations or easily transported around a workshop or warehouse, and the sturdy materials used in the production of these appliances makes them resilient enough to withstand heavy use.

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From our workshop equipment to our catering appliances, we pride ourselves on offering choice as well as quality. Our catalogue of TIG welders features models with a wide range of current intensities from 200A up to 333A, for a powerful weld in line with your needs or ability. Each model features the best possible technology, including automatic cooling with power ventilators to avoid over-heating, an anti-stick function to prevent the electrode from overheating, a pulse function generating even more ventilation and an arc force function which automatically increases its value as the arc gets shorter. The LED signals keep you alerted of any overheating or malfunction, ensuring optimum safety, and our comprehensive range of welding safety equipment keeps you fully protected as you weld. We are pleased to offer TIG welders for different levels and different budgets, making sure that both hobby welders and professionals can enjoy top-quality equipment: our starter TIG welder is highly portable and a bargain at just over £230, while the expert TIG welder at the highest end of our range features wheels and even a water cooler for optimum cooling when you are working with the huge 315A current! Built to withstand the stresses and strains of industrial workshops, these TIG welders are tough, high-powered and high-spec. And for all the other power tools and equipment you need, why not check out the rest of our catalogue to equip your whole workshop! Buy a Tig welder from expondo today!