Multi Process Welder

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Strong, robust, neat – the joins created by a MIG MAG multi process welder are hard to top. This incredibly versatile tool can be used for so many projects, from custom car chassis to bike frame repairs, industrial-style furniture to railway infrastructure. One of our most popular and useful products in our wide range of industrial equipment, these tools are manufactured to extremely high standards to help you produce the highest quality joins.

MIG MAG welding made easy

  • Easy to use
  • Innovative technology
  • Great for working on metal
  • High quality and safe equipment

These compact and user-friendly welders use MIG MAG technology to join metals strongly and permanently. With one of our multi process welders, you will find that your welding skills are matched by the high quality of the welder to produce excellent results. These welders, like all the appliances in our catalogue of welding tools, are high-powered and easy to use, making them just as well suited for vocational colleges and private DIY sheds as for professional workshops and repair stations. Whether you are welding together pieces of metal sheet, creating a sculpture out of scrap metal, or building a scaffold for an architectural structure, these multi process welders allow precise control of the feed and optimised ergonomics to help produce clean, accurate and strong welded joins. MIG MAG welding can be used to weld a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals – an experienced DIY fanatic could use one of these multi process welders to craft all kinds of unique home projects, from bed frames to metal kitchen counters and other kitchen furniture. And whether you are an at-home hobby welder or a professional welder, it is essential to have all the right safety gear for this relatively high-risk craft, which is why our catalogue also features a wide range of tested and high-quality safety equipment for welders of all skill levels.

Multi process welders for professionals and private individuals

  • High quality standards to suit your needs
  • Versatile equipment
  • Great for building sites
  • Complement your welding equipment today

Our catalogue of craftsmens’ tools and appliances includes multi process welders for a range of budgets and customer needs, from the basic to the advanced; yet each model is built to the same high standards of quality and includes additional accessories and features suited to the specific model in question. Our most basic combined welding device, for example, includes a cart and offers all the power you need for everyday welding jobs, while our expert multi process welder also features a plasma cutter and TIG welding as well as MIG/MAG, for the ultimate cutting-edge welding technology and performance. Each model is sourced from trusted and high-quality manufacturers such as Stamos Germany and is designed for maximum practicality and ease of use, with compact designs and robust casings to ensure that they will keep on performing for many years. These multi process welders can be used on any building site – even outdoors - and in all typical industrial environments. Each appliance has many in-built safety features such as thermal overheat protection, to ensure that you can weld safely and with peace of mind; we are proud to supply welders and other craftsmen’s tools, such as aluminium welders to vocational schools and other learning environments where apprentices can learn the trade with safe, easy-to-use tools which reflect the industry standard. Expondo’s varied catalogue of tools and professional equipment features all the equipment you need for a complete and functional welding workshop, whether as a professional business operation or as a home welder working in his garage or workshop.