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When you need to cut metal and other conductive materials with high precision, the only clear choice is a plasma cutter. Within our range, you’ll find plasma cutting tools for all levels, with a range of strengths – the strongest can cut metal up to an inch thick! This is a workman’s tool with so many applications, both in the workshop and at home, whether you’re cutting parts for a construction project or for a garden ornament!


A cutting-edge tool for metalwork

  • Make clean, accurate cuts for every occasion
  • Practical as well as efficient
  • Reliable and Durable
  • Great value for money

Cutting parts for any project requires a tool that can deliver clean, accurate cuts every time. A plasma cutter is the ideal solution. With a fast cutting speed and the ability to cut thick metal easily, these cutters are useful in so many different trades and industrial set-ups. The strong cutting ‘flame’ and ability for three-dimensional manoeuvrability means that you can cut thick metals at any angle or position, making it a perfect tool for constructing custom-made car parts and other mechanical components, bespoke metal siding, specially-cut pipe sections and even complex shapes for sculpture!

Thanks to the budget-friendly cost of the process, a plasma cutter is a highly useful and efficient tool to use long-term – and with the quality manufacturing standards of our high-end brands such as Stamos Germany, you can rest assured that these appliances will continue to perform long-term, with reliable construction and high-quality production materials. Combined with a quality set of welding equipment, our cutter productsround out the toolkit of any metalwork shop, mechanics or construction site. These reasonably-priced, ergonomic appliances are also perfect for vocational education institutions such as vocational colleges, school CDT workshops and apprenticeship schemes. And these models are even suitable for home metalwork or DIY projects – but make sure to equip yourself with the correct safety equipment!

Plasma cutters for every individual application

  • Various range of units
  • Precision cutting to suit your needs
  • Various accessories
  • Rely on great quality

Our range of plasma cutters includes a wide variety of different power options suited to the individual requirements of your projects: choose from the standard cutting current (10-55A), or 20-90A and even 20-120A for high-performance plasma cutting of the thickest metals. The variation in power also means you can choose the model which can cut up to the material thickness you require, from 12mm for our most basic model of plasma cutter, to 14mm, 16mm, 20mm, 22mm, 27mm or even 32mm in thickness! Plus, our most powerful elite plasma cutter offers state-of-the-art bipolar transistor technology which limits the load current and therefore prevents short-circuits.

Each plasma cutter features robust construction such as powder-coated steel housing, making sure that they can stand up to the demands of daily use, yet are light enough to be portable, so you can move the appliance around the workshop or site easily. Safety functions and features such as cooling aeration, IGBT, protective gas flow and LED safety lights ensure that you are always in control of your cutting. Many of these models come with accessories included such as nozzles, cables and ceramic caps, depending on the make and brand. Like welders, grinders and soldering equipment, a good plasma cutter is a must-have for any craftsman’s workshop, especially if you specialise in metalwork. Like all our products, such as our range of catering appliances, these cutters are engineered and designed to produce five-star results, for professionals up to the highest level. A good-quality cutter allows you to maximise the success of your projects, minimising waste and errors, producing a clean finish and a low-stress construction process – for a great product and a happy workshop. Buy a plasma cutter from expondo today!