Mig Mag Welders

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Safety, accuracy and efficiency are the priority when it comes to any welding task, whether you’re working on minor repairs, car upgrades, large renovation works or even in a locksmiths. No task is too small to compromise on great results. Suitable for professional and personal use, with our user-friendly MIG MAG welders, you benefit from a range of modern welding techniques combined with hardwearing design and technology, giving you seamless results every time.

Seamless, professional results

Our range of MIG MAG welders are suitable for both professionals and for home enthusiasts, across a wide range of welding disciplines. For industry professionals and trade schools, our welders are long-lasting and easy to transport, giving your business years of return on investment. Our MIG MAG welders are also ideal for craft professionals working with metals and are especially useful to any professional working in the auto-trade whether you are repairing vehicles or modelling them from scratch. Great results comes down to accurate adjustment of the welding current to suit the task at hand. Our versatile MIG MAG welders have a wide current range and can therefore be individually adapted to the respective conditions and materials. Our cheapest MIG MAG welder is a powerful handheld device, packing an impressive 230 volts. Intuitive to use, this machine is ideal for those with no prior welding experience and is especially lightweight, if you work on the go. Our expert welding machine is our top professional choice when it comes to all welding tasks. With a range of welding functions such as MIG/MAG and MMA, this expert tool is ideal for even the most heavy duty welding task such as balcony or stairs profiles. With a powerful current of up to 500 amperes, it is ideal for working with steel, copper, stainless steel and brass surfaces, especially ideal for automobile industries. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the powerful device is mounted on four wheels and is therefore easy to transport, even on busy construction sites.

Safety first!

When it comes to investing in industrial equipment, the safety of your staff is the number one priority. Professionals are well aware that gas metal arc welding can be dangerous if proper precautions are not taken. That’s why we chose Stamos Germany, global experts in welding for our range of welding solutions. Each of our MIG MAG welders are rigorously tested and selected due to the excellent safety specifications. Wherever you work, at Expondo, we want to provide the tools to help you work more efficiently, while never compromising on safety. From our selection of craft supplies to our full range of catering equipment, we invest in materials that are durable and help you to reduce hazards in the work place. Our MIG MAG welders are fixed with thermal overheat protection and fast-acting cooling ventilators to minimise the risk of overheating. Complete with digital display units, temperatures can be easily monitored and quickly adapted to suit working conditions. However, it’s important to also provide your workers with the appropriate safety equipment to keep them protected at all times and to meet industry regulations. In our range of safety helmets, you’ll find top-of-the-line protective gear to keep your staff safe at all times. Our high-tech helmet range with impressive reaction speeds ensure that your eyes do not get tired or damaged, even after a full day of welding. We also stock a wide range of premium welding gloves, heat resistant and designed with reinforced seam and lining to give you long-lasting protection and maximum mobility while you work. No matter the task, for great results, never compromise on safety.