Welding Helmets

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Don’t risk injury or loss of eyesight when you are welding – no matter whether you are a professional welder, a hobbyist or a keen DIY aficionado. Whatever you’re constructing, you know that a quality welding helmet is an essential investment. With quick-change glass and many customisable elements, our range of helmets caters for everyone, from beginners to experts. Alongside a pair of welding gloves and of course the welder itself, a good visor should be top of your shopping list.

See clearly, weld safely

Many of our customers who furnish their workshop from our range of craft tools and complete industrial equipment also rely on us for top-quality safety equipment. Only with the best safety equipment can you confidently and accurately finish every project, knowing that you are protected. That’s why these welding helmets are as important for professional welding applications as they are for private handymen; good protective attire makes sure you meet mandatory safety requirements in commercial workshops. Our range of welding helmets features visors with a wide field of vision, made of reactive glass which changes from clear to tinted in a fraction of a second - protecting your vision and making sure that you can check the construction accurately as soon as the welding phase is over.

But don’t worry, this high-end tech doesn’t require handfuls of batteries – rather, it is powered by small solar panels which mean you can work all day long without worrying about the battery charge of the welding helmet. The glass is also extremely robust and protects you from dirt and flying particles, sparks and UV rays during your work. The tough nylon of the headpiece is equally effective at keeping you safe. And with lightweight design and an adjustable fit, you can weld comfortably and with peace of mind. Suitable for any kind of welding, including MIG, MAG and TIG welding, plasma cutting, and electrode welding, a welding helmet from our catalogue has a home in every workshop.

Welding helmets you can count on

Every welding helmet in this catalogue is sourced from high-end manufacturers such as Stamos, produced using quality materials and tested to ensure optimal safety for the user. Adjustable features include the viewing angle, the distance between the face and the visor, the headband and more, meaning that you can purchase a bulk order of helmets and still ensure that everyone in the workshop can work comfortably. The all-round protection of a welding helmet means that you can keep it on if you need to use other power tools in the workshop as part of your project.

Our most basic welding helmet, with a glass reaction time (the time it takes for the glass to change from dark to clear and vice versa) of 1/4000 seconds, is ideal for private DIY-ers and workmen who only need to weld occasionally or in small amounts. At the top of our range, our expert helmet has a reaction time of just 1/25,000 seconds, ensuring that your eyes do not get tired even after a full day of welding. This model even includes a ‘grinding’ function which turns off the automatic obfuscation function of the glass visor, so that you can carry out other tasks such as cutting or grinding without having to worry that the glass will change to its dark mode automatically. As a trusted manufacturer and supplier of safety equipment for commercial workspaces – from catering to auto repair – expondo pride themselves on providing welders and welding helmets which won’t let you down.