Deep Fat Fryer

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Large commercial deep fat fryers by Royal Catering

No-one can resist the crisp, golden-brown temptation of deep-fried food. But dealing with a saucepan filled with hot oil is messy, effortful and potentially dangerous. An electric deep fat fryer is a great way to produce fresh, tasty fried food with minimal fuss – and it’s such a versatile appliance that it has become an essential in every kitchen, from the family home to restaurants and catering companies. For fried chicken, for donuts, for falafel – and of course, for the best fish ‘n’ chips – don’t be without a deep fat fryer among your kitchen appliances.

Features of our deep fat fryers

Thanks to the high heat of the oil, deep fat fryers enable you to cook crispy, tender and piping-hot food extremely quickly and easily. Our range of deep fat fryers are produced by trusted manufacturers Royal Catering to the same high standards of robustness and quality as our industrial appliances, so you know you are equipping your kitchen with a safe, sturdy fryer which can stand up to high turnovers and creative cooks! From the classics, like chips and onion rings, to contemporary recipes like fried sushi rolls and tempura, these deep fat fryers allow you to use different oils and a range of temperatures for the perfect flavour and texture every time. With a small countertop footprint and low weight, one of our more ‘petite’ models is a useful addition to any home kitchen, while our larger models have the capacity to deal with busy rush hours at popular restaurants, snack bars or food trucks.

The easy-to-use frying basket means that you can fry lots of items at once and remove them from the oil quickly and safely as soon as they’re done. This also makes it a cinch to drain off the excess oil to avoid a greasy finish, for finger food your guests or customers will adore! And deep fat fryers aren’t just great for savoury foods – they’re also perfect for a wide range of sweet treats including the hottest contemporary food trends like deep-fried bananas or deep-fried Oreos!

Deep fat fryers built with quality and safety in mind

With automatic temperature control, safe heatproof handles and handy indicator lights, these deep fat fryers are designed to ensure that frying is a safe, easy process every time. The cold zone built in under the heating element prevents any remnants from burning, while the removable oil tank helps you to dispose of the used oil in a practical and mess-free way once it has cooled down. Our range includes fryers with maximum power of either 2500, 3200 or even 6000 Watts, and our high-voltage current fryers take 380V for the most hardcore fry cooks! Every model brings the oil up to temperature quickly, whether you choose an 8-litre, 10-litre, 13-litre or 16-litre fryer.

Professional caterers or fast-food chefs may wish to combine a deep fat fryer with a pro burger press or a quality vegetable chopper for perfect fries and lip-smacking burgers! Our cheapest double-capacity fryer is a great all-purpose performer for food trucks, fairs and canteens, while our innovative induction fryer heats the oil with efficient induction technology for the best possible temperature consistency and excellent frying for large quantities of food. As with our tools for tradesmen and crafters, we believe that professional-quality food goes hand in hand with top-range equipment; and with such a versatile, useful appliance, the investment is certainly worth it!