Pasta Cooker

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There’s an old saying that authentic pasta should be boiled in water as salty as the Mediterranean Sea! While seasoning is one thing, the perfect pasta dish also comes down to timing. Juggling many pasta dishes at once can lead to overcooked or undercooked pasta, not to mention burns and spills. But in a busy kitchen, multitasking is unavoidable! With a versatile pasta cooker from our cooking gadget range you can safely simmer up to six portions of pasta at once, cooking each batch to al dente perfection!

No pressure pasta!

Any professional chef knows that cool-headed multitasking is key, especially when the dinner orders are coming in fast. The electric pasta cooker range from the experts at Royal Catering was especially developed for professional kitchens to allow for easy multitasking when cooking several pasta and other boiled dishes at once. The fully automated device is ideal for restaurants, cafés, snack bars and gastro pubs, and may even be the perfect gift for an industrious home chef! Designed with versatility in mind, the pasta cooker range can be used for boiling all kinds of pasta as well as rice, dumplings, vegetables, and pulses. Housed in scratch-resistant lacquer, each pasta cooker features between 4-6 meshed baskets for monitoring separate cooking and draining times. With separate integrated temperature regulators, you control the setting of each dish and ensure that nothing over-boils or overcooks. Our cheapest pasta cooker with four meshed boiling baskets is ideal for smaller kitchens or snack bars. With two separate temperature regulators and an integrated water drainer, the pasta cooker not only saves time when preparing multiple dishes, but also when draining and refilling the 4 litre water tank. Our biggest pasta maker with six separate baskets, follows the same quality spec with a third integrated regulator for even more hands-on temperature control. Our premium pasta maker is the convenient solution to keeping pasta sauce at the perfect serving temperature while managing separate pasta-boiling times. With four boiling baskets and a stainless steel GN container for keeping pasta sauces warm, the device saves you time and makes great use of your kitchen space.

The pasta production line…

Whether it’s our craft supplies or our range industrial of industrial equipment, the Expondo range is all about long-lasting devices that help you make the most of your workspace while saving you time and helping you work more safely. The Royal Catering pasta cooker range make every minute in the kitchen more safe and efficient by cancelling out the need to handle multiple boiling pots and monitor separate burners. Its removable basket and GN containers are easy to clean, and with a scratch-resistant exterior, stainless steel containers and brass screws, each component is durable and hard-wearing, giving you years of return on investment and happy diners. In our catering equipment range you’ll find plenty more intuitive devices to turn your kitchen into the perfect pasta production line, such as vegetable choppers and quality blenders for whipping up the perfect pasta sauces and toppings in a flash. For truly industrious Italian kitchens, why not pair up your pasta cooker with the Bartscher pasta machine from our pasta maker range? The elegantly designed pasta maker takes the time and energy out of making your own fresh pasta with its integrated system of kneading and rolling. Suitable for making up to twelve styles of pasta (fixtures sold separately) you can experiment with seasoning, shape and colour, with each freshly rolled ribbons ready to bring to the boil in seconds. And when it comes to sauces, our range of professional Bain Maries will keep each of your pasta sauces warm; always ready to serve. For the latest updates in our kitchen range, keep an eye on the Expondo homepage.