Commercial cooker

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There’s nothing quite like the drama of whipping up hot food in a flash. But when sparks fly, you want to know that there’s more to your cooking supplies than a bit of spectacle. Our commercial cooker selection features expert cooking names such as Royal Catering and Bartscher and a wide range of models to suit your signature dishes. Whether you’re looking for the super-hot temperatures of a wok cooker, or you need slow and steady cooking for caramelised onions, we’ve got the cooking solution for you. Our cookers are available in a wide range of sizes to suit all kitchens and catering facilities, built with top-of-the-line safety features, digital displays, and elegant, hardwearing materials.

Cooking up a storm with commercial cookers

• A range of hob sizes • Designed with hardwearing stainless steel • Table-top models available • Storage features under certain commercial cooker models • Energy efficient induction cookers • Combined cooker-ovens

Whether you’re operating a compact kitchen space or a sprawling hotel restaurant, we’ve got excellent commercial cooking choices to make the most of your workspace. With a selection of table-top solutions, you’ll find compact commercial cookers to suit caterers, street food kiosks, and even cooking demonstrations. That’s portable cooking with all of the power! Our commercial cooker range features a wide selection of hob styles and sizes to suit your menu. Our induction hobs from Bartscher feature a choice of one or two hobs – a compact solution to multitasking in the kitchen. These lightweight cookers are easy to use, creating an efficient workflow, even in small kitchens. Their hardwearing glass hobs and hardened plastic / stainless steel bodies are easy to clean and are resistant to dents and scratches – as is the case with top-quality bain-maries. Choose from a wide range of user friendly features such as slide functions, digital display, and pan detection. You can even choose a wok attachment for stir-frying and shallow frying. Also in our full range of cooking gadgets is our selection of electric range cookers featuring multiple hot plates and additional storage below (on some models). Our largest range cooker from Bartscher features six hobs and acts as a combined cooker and oven, with an electric convection oven found below. These are your one-stop commercial cookers for all your roasting, baking, and frying needs – ideal for large kitchens.

More than one way to cook

• Cooking plates for small kitchen facilities • Made with high quality stainless steel • Choose from one hotplate or two • Lightweight and transportable • Extremely user-friendly • Ideal for events and catering

Here at Expondo, we understand that not all kitchens are the same. A full-sized commercial cooking unit is not ideal in smaller kitchens or caterers moving from site to site. That’s why our commercial cooker range features a number of convenient cooking plates. These lightweight devices are ideal for frying, boiling and simmering in any location – simply plug in and go! Our Bartscher cooking plates feature either one hot plate or two, allowing you to multitask even in compact cooking situations. Built with high-quality stainless steel, these portable commercial cooking devices are extremely user friendly, with a simple, easy-to-read temperature function. They are the perfect solution for amateur chefs, if you’re pitching in at a community picnic or a church fête, or providing an extra pair of hands to a dinner party. It’s the perfect addition to your catering equipment, whether you’re a professional serving the masses or a home-chef impressing your friends and neighbours. We know that there’s more to running a restaurant than what goes on the plate – the food industry comes with its fair share of logistics and maintenance tasks. For expert cleaning and drainage supplies for your kitchen, take a look at our range of professional tools. And when it comes to weighing and pricing ingredients and deliveries, discover our range of industrial supplies featuring hygienic precision scales.