Electric Deep Fat Fryer

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In every corner of the world, a side order of chips is a popular menu choice. In fact, in many restaurants, fries are an absolute must-have! With an electric deep fat fryer from the Royal Catering company, you can rustle up the world’s most popular side dish in a matter of minutes, not to mention meats, vegetables, desserts, street-food nibbles and more. Diversify your menu with a deep fryer that is safe and intuitive to use, and saves you time and energy in the kitchen.

Not just for fries!

  • Stainless Steel
  • Multiple Uses
  • Safer than traditional chip pans
  • Time + Energy efficient

Contrary to popular assumption, an electric deep fat fryer is not just for whipping up French fries! It’s the ideal kitchen gadget for a wide range of kitchens, from fast food restaurants delivering orders of chicken wings, onion rings and ‘fish n’ chips’ to street vendors dishing out fresh and fluffy doughnuts. For delicate fish dishes like Spanish calamari and Japanese tempura, an electric deep fat fryer saves you precious seconds so that nothing is overcooked. An electric deep fat fryer is even great for desserts such as churros and banana fritters. And we haven’t even explored the variety of fries you can create from skinny potato chips to chunky sweet-potato and courgette fries. For commercial kitchens and even private homes, a deep fryer is more diverse than meets the eye, and with a range of sizes available in our online shop, it’s especially good for serving up high volumes of fried food. Our cheapest single electric deep fat fryer with an 8 litre oil capacity, is ideal for smaller kitchens with its removable oil tank for easy draining. The efficient heating element (3200W) quickly reaches frying temperature which is kept constant using fully automatic temperature control. Our premium double electric deep fat fryer including a storage cabinet features two 16 L tanks and is heated with an impressive 6,000W of power. Ideal for large kitchens, the electric deep fat fryer is mounted on a large double-door storage unit and is also designed with specialised cold zones to prevent fried residues from burning and protecting the flavour of every dish.

Safe and simple to use

With fast heating time, efficient power use, and safe and intuitive operation, an electric deep fat fryer can open up your menu to a wide range of exciting dishes. When it comes to our range of catering equipment, we value safety above all else. A modern, purpose-fit electric deep fat fryer is safer to use than a traditional chip pan, which can present more risks of splashes and fire hazards. With their robust stainless steel exterior, they’re also safe and easy when it comes to cleaning, with each model featuring an intuitive draining device and removable frying basket (additional baskets sold separately). For chefs ‘on-the-go’, our smaller models are lighter and easy to transport, and for a more environmentally friendly option, our EGO models are an energy efficient choice. In our full range of snack bar equipment you’ll find plenty more great devices for whipping up delicious grilled and fried food, even on the go. To really get the most out of your electric deep fat fryer, our vegetable and fruit choppers and cutters are perfect for making traditional or curly fries, as well as fresh and colourful salads. Our stainless steel burger presses allow you to quickly produce fresh mincemeat patties using your own home recipes to impress your guests! And for a classic street food snack, our Teflon and stainless steel hotdog rollers allow you to evenly cook up to eleven hotdogs at a time. As always, it’s about helping you make the most of your workspace. For more ideas on safe and multipurpose craft supplies, the latest industrial equipment and kitchen gadgets, look out for new additions to the Expondo range.