Soup Kettle

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If you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen! This old phrase doesn’t just apply to the stress of the dinner run. It’s well known that if your food isn’t served at the right temperature, then it will never get the reaction it deserves. With a professional soup kettle from the experts at Royal Catering, you can serve up bowl after bowl of steaming soups, stews and sauces; never compromising on freshness.

Every bowl is piping hot with a professional soup kettle

Unless it’s gazpacho, soup should be served up hot and steaming. From creamy chicken soup to fragrant minestrone, you want your customers to experience that first warming spoonful from head to toe. With a professional soup kettle in your range of cooking gadgets, you can do all this and more. More versatile than meets the eye, a soup kettle can also be used for brewing up stews and sauces, as well as hot drinks such as mulled wine and hot apple cider. Their compact design makes them ideal for a wide range of kitchens; restaurants, café’s, hotels and markets stalls. Even in bustling breakfast buffets, a soup kettle is a convenient self-serving option for hot porridge, displayed with a range of healthy toppings to meet your customers tastes. Each soup kettle can be easily powered by connecting to any 230V socket. With zero installation necessary, and a simple cooking process, even home-chefs will be able to operate a soup kettle with no prior experience. Our basic soup kettle has a ten-litre capacity and with an intuitive control knob to set your temperature (between 30 and 85 degrees C). Our premium soup kettle has a sleek stainless steel finish, providing excellent heat retention and a minimal design for a modern kitchen. Our third soup kettle option features a fully digitised display for setting your cooking parameters. With an insulating, removable lid, and a recess for your ladle, serving time is convenient and mess-free.

It’s all about temperature!

Regardless of which soup kettle you choose, the Expondo range is second to none when it comes to convenience and hygiene. With their compact, free-standing design, lightweight materials and zero installation steps, our soup kettle range is perfectly suited to transport from one location to another. Their removable elements and robust, stainless steel interiors and exteriors make then extremely easy to clean, helping you to uphold health standard, wherever you cook. Temperature control is a daily challenge in kitchens large and small. It can be detrimental to your dishes’ taste and appearance, and can even lead to serious health and safety hazards. In our full range of catering equipment, you’ll find plenty more gadgets to help you turn up the heat in the kitchen, without breaking a sweat. Our bain maries are a sleek and efficient way to keep your hot food fresh and ready to serve throughout the day. Our cooling attachments will keep cold foods such as salads and dessert, fresh, crisp and ready to serve. Nobody enjoys a lukewarm ‘cuppa’! In our range of beverage dispensers, you’ll find convenient, portable machines from hot water dispensers and coffee machines to mulled wine and hot chocolate heaters. For an added professional touch, our range of cup warmers and selection of plate warmers will help to keep every mouthful steaming hot. And for chefs on the move, our selection of market stall equipment helps you to fight the elements, even the winter months, without losing an ounce of temperature or taste. Whatever you’re serving up, equip your kitchen with the right tools to make your food taste great. Remember you can also check out the full range of craft supplies and our industrial equipment for more ideas on upgrading your workspace.