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Perfect egg cooker for breakfast services

Anyone working in hospitality or even hosting guests at home understands that there’s more to the job than providing a good night’s sleep. Even the most well-rested guests can be difficult to please in the mornings, especially before that first cup of coffee. Suitable for hotels, restaurants, breakfast buffets, B&Bs, and more, our commercial egg boiler from the food professionals at Royal Catering is just one of the ingenious ways you can optimise your breakfast service, and give your guests a great start to the day. Save your staff on time, energy, and cooking-space by boiling several eggs at once with this clever commercial egg cooking unit.

Boiled egg cooker for commercial and private use

• Suitable for hotels, buffets, restaurants, and private kitchens • Boil up to six eggs at once • Save time and cooking-space • A great self-service option • Individual timers • Easy-to-clean stainless steel

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and if you work in the food industry, you’ll know that brunch is a close second! For all professional kitchens from hotels and B&B’s to cafes and restaurants, a self-service commercial egg boiler can help you expand your breakfast choices, all while tackling several orders at once. Home-users will certainly appreciate the commercial egg boiler when it comes to hosting guests or tackling the busy school run. As well as helping you multitask, there’ll be no more concerns from fussy eaters (young and old) – the Royal Catering commercial egg boiler, from our award winning catering range, helps you to boil eggs at the perfect temperature and consistency! This easy-to-operate, playful kitchen gadget is family-friendly and perfect for self-service. The spacious bain-marie holds eight litres of water, with a capacity to boil up to 6 eggs at once - making egg cooking devices truly essential. Each egg is place in an individual, colour-coded spoon (that means no fighting over whose egg is which), and can be timed individually to suit each guest’s preference. Now that’s how you customise your breakfast service! At Expondo, we understand the importance of efficiency in the kitchen. Allowing your guests to serve themselves with commercial egg boilers has the added bonus of freeing up you and your staff to tackle other kitchen duties. Better still, commercial egg boilers decreases the risk of egg-breakage, thus minimising food waste. This stainless steel commercial egg boiler is scratch-resistant, durable, and easy to clean. Powered with 230V, the device can be plugged in universally. You can rapidly adjust the bain marie temperature from 30-110° C (overheat protected), so slow-cooked boiled eggs are also an option. And, with its non-slip rubber underside, the commercial egg boiler stays firmly in place throughout use.

More ingenious breakfast solutions with the best egg boiler

• Display units for self-service • High powered catering toasters • Keep food warm during long services • Suitable with a wide range of breakfast choices • Clutter-free stainless steel serving furniture • Variety of products to complement your commercial egg cooker

Breakfast can be a stressful time to keep your guests happy. When it comes to self-service, you want to give your customers no cause for complaint. Our advice is to match a great menu choice with clear and accessible display and serving solutions! Whether their favourites are waffles, bacon, cereal, eggs, or a plain old cup of coffee, we’ll help you serve the masses in the early hours! To help you cover every option, we’ve got a range easy-to-use cereal dispensers, waffle irons, and high-powered catering toasters, with a serving capacity of up to 720 slices per hour. In our wide range of heating equipment, we’ve got hot food displays, bain marie, and sausage warmers, ideal for serving hot breakfast favourites, including sausages, eggs, bacon, veggies, and pancakes. Here you’ll also see our wide range of chafing dishes which are especially suited to serving food in large batches, and maintaining a steady temperature even throughout a long breakfast service. All of our food warmers are compatible with high quality, stainless steel GN containers which are long-lasting and easy-to-clean. Our heating equipment range also features coffee dispensers, hot chocolate dispensers, and hot water dispensers for teas. Our versatile soup warmers can even be used to serve hearty bowls of hot porridge in the winter months. And if that’s not hot enough, our range of plate warmers and cup warmers will help you to fight temperature loss for longer, so that drinks and dishes stay warm even as they’re being carried to the table. When it comes to practical service solutions, our range of stainless steel furniture features serving trolleys, cutlery dispensers, and tray trolleys to keep your breakfast buffet clutter-free. If that’s not a good way to start the day, then we must be doing something wrong. For all of your other business needs, don’t forget to check out our wide range of industrial supplies and high powered professional tools.