Diesel outboard boat motors

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Affordable outboard motors

The market for outboards for water sports is huge: large and small brand manufacturers offer electric and combustion engines with different horsepower classes. In our range, you can find a selection of high-quality models for passionate fishermen and water sportsmen.

With the outboard motor, you can accelerate and steer your boat. Start the engine, put your hand on the wheel to get to the best fishing spots without any strenuous rowing. With their swiveling propeller, the compact motors are also manoeuvring aids, allowing you to comfortably steer your boat in the desired direction. Among the most famous brand manufacturers are Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Tohatsu and Mercury. But smaller manufacturers also offer boat engines with a strong performance at affordable prices.

Outboard motors can be attached to the stern of your boat in a few simple steps, or sometimes to the side. Dismantling is just as quick, making outboards ideal for recreational use. They can be mounted on sailboats, sport boats and inflatable boats of various lengths.

Find the right outboard motor

Outboard motors can be broadly divided into two categories: Internal combustion engines and electric boat motors. Both can be mounted on the boat with little effort.

Most outboards use internal combustion engines and are filled with fuel. They impress above all with:

  • a long operating time and low consumption

  • a high performance with strong drive

  • a wide range

  • a compact design

  • great prices

While combustion engines score mainly with power and speed, electric outboards are a modern alternative for leisurely cruises. They are battery operated and are also:

  • quiet

  • environmentally friendly

  • odourless

  • easy to use

  • slim construction

You can usually read the battery status on the display of the electric motor. This will give you a good feel for the remaining range. Electric outboards provide full power even when the battery level is low. The distance that can be covered depends on the capacity of the battery and the mass of the boat. The more mass the propeller moves, the shorter the range with an electric motor.

Small outboard motor for recreational use

Fishermen in particular get their money's worth with small outboard motors. You just need to pack the fishing equipment, jack up the boat and off you go, preferably with little luggage. Small boat engines have an internal tank that you manually fill with fuel. A few litres are enough for leisurely boating and fishing trips. Search for outboards with pullstarter and tiller steering in our range. Manual starters are particularly light. The combination of both – hand starter and tiller – makes your outboard the perfect choice for touring with little additional load.

When things get tight: narrow boat engines

Outboards are designed for quick assembly and transportation. They are inherently compact and have a narrow design. Electric outboards can be found in especially small sizes. These engines fit even the narrowest tail. A long, narrow tiller allows you to manoeuvre reliably through the harbour despite its compact design. More important than the width of the engine is the length of the transom, which is the distance between the engine mount and the bottom edge of the hull. This decides how long the shaft of your outboard can be. The following applies: a short shaft for a mirror length up to 38 cm and a long shaft for lengths up to 51 cm.

Affordable boat motors for beginners

Since outboards have been used in water sports for decades, we can benefit from a vast wealth of experience, both in the function and design of compact boat engines. As a result, customers are getting better and better technology at smaller and smaller prices. Due to numerous innovations, such as the change from carburettor to injection or from 2-stroke to 4-stroke, you can now sail more quietly, environmentally friendly and economically. Nevertheless, you should invest in brand quality so that you can enjoy your outboard motor for a long time. After all, by buying high-quality goods, you also reduce the amount of maintenance required over the years.

Find the right outboard motor

You have decided to switch from muscle power to motor operation. Now, you are spoiled for choice. Electric boat motor or combustion engine? An outboard with a short or a long shaft? To help you keep track of the multitude of high-quality boat engines in our store, we have put together a small guide for your selection. Choosing the right boat equipment depends on several factors:

With or without driver's license

Do you have a valid boat license? If the answer is "no", you automatically need to drive across the water with more limited horsepower. You can use boat engines up to a class of 15 hp without a license. This performance is also quite sufficient for recreational use and fishing trips. Small outboards with up to five horsepower are often enough for relaxed excursions. At 15 hp, you're already whizzing across the water on a small rocket.

Weight of the boat and load capacity

Check to see how many kilograms of load your inflatable or sport boat is rated for. This number includes both you as the skipper and your guests, coolers, fishing gear and the outboard. Keep in mind that the power of the motor varies with the mass. The length of the shaft also affects the weight. The rule is: the shorter the shaft, the lighter the motor. For most inflatable boats, a short shaft motor is sufficient.

How much and how do you drive?

Is it speed, distance ore smoothness that is more important to you?
An outboard with an internal combustion engine will quickly bring your boat up to speed. Always make sure that the engine is sufficiently fueled and oiled. This is the only way to make progress and keep the outboard smooth for a long time. In addition, with a boat engine with a traditional drive, you are relying on proven technology, the maintenance of which is sometimes easier. However, note that these outboards cause noise, especially at high speed.

The ride with an electric motor on the boat will be more quiet and comfortable. Depending on the model of your electric outboard, all you hear is the swirling water lapping at the stern. Using an e-drive is also better for the environment.

With both types of engine, take spare fuel or an additional battery, depending on the tour you have planned. The batteries for E-mode sometimes weigh quite a lot. So keep an eye on the load of your boat. The engine should also be kept clean for smooth operation so that you can focus on what is important during your trips: fishing and nature. We therefore advise you to use a tarpaulin to protect against dirt and moisture – especially for longer storage. Take a look at our boat covers. We also offer comfortable boat seats for inflatable and sport boats.

One final note: Remember to break in the engine after purchase as described in the manufacturer's instructions. Take some time for the warm-up phase and start slowly. In doing so, check the operation according to the instructions without immediately going to full throttle. This will ensure the warranty service in the event of problems.