Pizza and food delivery bags

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Hot food delivery bag

Fresh out of the oven, into the delivery box and the fragrant food is ready to go out to the customer! To ensure that your deliveries go smoothly, you will find professional transport accessories for your delivery service at expondo - from portable delivery bags to stackable thermal boxes and spacious backpacks.

Insulated pizza delivery bag

With our compact delivery bags, you are perfectly equipped to ship smaller orders that need to reach your customers in a timely manner. The lightweight bags are insulated inside with foam and aluminum foil and reliably keep hot food at temperature. They are closed with wide Velcro fasteners. This keeps the contents of your containers and boxes safely stowed during transport.

The delivery bags can be lifted and transported effortlessly thanks to comfortable carrying straps and tear-resistant handles. Water repellent outer material protects the contents from wind and weather. The necessary stability is provided by hardboard panels, which are incorporated into the delivery pockets. They keep the food containers straight and protect them from tipping over. You can also use our bags as pizza delivery bags.

Thermo bags

For the transport of large pizzas we recommend insulated boxes with lids. The impact-resistant containers provide enough space for several pizza boxes. The solid shape of the insulated boxes prevents the goods from sliding around. This keeps salami, olives and co. where they belong: on the pizza base.

You can effortlessly fill the containers via a large opening. Extra-thick, sturdy lids with insulating rim provide a tight seal. Via locks made of plastic you close the boxes and thus keep the heat inside for several hours. A valve in the lid provides the necessary ventilation.

Pizza delivery bag - bicycles and scooters

If you deliver to your customers by two-wheeler, delivery backpacks are a good choice. The bags are weatherproof and can be quickly loaded and unloaded thanks to a large opening. Its compact size and wide, padded backpack straps provide good weight distribution so that even a full backpack still sits comfortably on your back. A zipper keeps the bag securely closed. In addition to the backpack straps, our delivery backpacks also have ergonomic carrying handles.

Pizza Bags

For larger deliveries and safe transportation of catering containers, thermo boxes are best. The spacious containers are available as front and top loaders. Thanks to the inserts inside the insulated boxes, your containers filled with hot or cold food will stay in place. Choose from numerous formats and sizes in the store and equip your business with the right snack supplies from expondo. In addition to insulated boxes, we also offer isothermal containers for transporting drinks and soups. The containers have practical drain cocks for convenient removal of the liquids.

Thermal bags - keep food cold

The delivery bags in our range can of course also be used for transporting cold food. The insulation with foam and aluminum foil reliably keeps refreshments such as drinks or chilled food at temperature for hours. Cold packs and ice further extend the period.

Weather resistant, spacious, high-quality - main advantages of our thermo boxes

Delivery of freshly prepared food is becoming more and more attractive to customers, especially in bad weather. That is why our delivery bags and thermal boxes are made of water-resistant and durable materials. Polyester and dense EPP foam protect the delivery from precipitation. Choose from numerous sizes to comfortably transport both small meals and large deliveries for catered events. Our models can accommodate multiple pizza boxes and food service containers. We pay special attention to high-quality workmanship and first-class materials so that you can enjoy your work utensils for a long time and concentrate fully on business.

With expondo you have an experienced partner for the equipment of your restaurant, delivery service or catering service at your side. Whether you are looking for a hot food display or a modern vertical grill for the attractive presentation of your food, in our assortment you will find professional equipment according to your ideas.