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Hamburgers have been a fast-food favourite for decades, but these days they’ve also made their way into the upper echelons of gourmet dining. From the traditional quick-combo of burgers and fries, aspiring chefs and butchers are now rigorously perfecting their own blend of quality meats, herbs and spices to stay ahead of the burger competition. Whether you’re sticking with tradition or looking to experiment with new home-recipes, our commercial burger makers from Royal Catering will save you precious time in the kitchen and help you to serve up the freshest sizzling burgers to your hungry diners.


Fast food made in a flash!

  • Sturdy, high quality build
  • Stainless steel
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for home or a professional kitchen


The modern burger comes in many shapes and sizes. You might prefer an old-school patty with a few pickles and a sesame bun. Or perhaps you fancy experimenting with quirky toppings such as avocado, mac’ and cheese, or even kimchi. But whether it’s served on a cardboard plate or a fashionable slate, a great burger will always come down to its patty. For fast food outlets, restaurants, snack bars, butchers and gourmet delis, preparing original homemade burgers can be done in a fast, professional and hygienic manner with our premium commercial burger makers. Our convenient commercial burger makers come in two sizes depending on the diameter of your patties. Our 10cm commercial burger makers are ideal for smaller servings. And for a real homemade whopper, our 13cm commercial burger makers are perfect to feed guests with an appetite and a half! Whichever size you choose, commercial burger makers give your service a professional touch by producing uniform patties in a flash! In the Expondo range of catering equipment, we value hygiene and safety above all else. That’s why we trust premium stainless steel not only in the kitchen, but also when it comes to our craft supplies and our range of industrial equipment. Encased in anodised aluminium, and designed with a foil holder and container made from quality stainless steel, our commercial burger makers are durable, long-lasting, and easy-to-clean, helping you maintain professional standards when it comes to health and safety.

A new brand of Happy Meal!

Dedicated foodies are becoming extremely eclectic when it comes to meat, and these days more and more diners will choose their restaurants based on how their meat is prepared and sourced. With professional commercial burger makers, you can depend on fresh produce, cancelling out the need for additives or frozen meats. Our commercial burger makers are also suitable for fish and veggie burgers, which is ideal for catering to your customers various tastes and needs. Using the sturdy ergonomic handle, you can press your fresh patties intuitively while controlling the pace and pressure of your work. To repeat, simply replace the disposable burger paper, and continue with the next patty. Our burger papers in 13 cm (10 cm models also available) can be found here. If you’re keen to develop your own variety of homemade burgers, then look no further than our range of butchers’ equipment for everything you’ll need, besides the meat, of course! Our selection of manual and automatic meat grinders are exactly the tool for developing your own blend of minced meats, herbs and spices in an efficient and hygienic manner. And when it comes to the perfect grilling, our full range of grills are ideal not only for fresh, sizzling patties and other grilled foods like fish, veggies and kebabs. And for other fast food classics such as hotdogs, our full snack bar range has you covered. We’re always updating our catalogue with new items to upgrade your catering space and service, so keep an eye on the full range at Expondo.