Commercial Burger Maker

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Staying ahead of the competition in the food industry is certainly tough. A successful business has to consider so many aspects from having a great menu choice and a perfectly running kitchen, to beautiful décor and quality table service. Producing your own homemade produce is a creative and original way to make your menu stand out. Perfect for restaurants, delis and more, with a commercial burger maker from the food industry experts at Royal Catering, you can produce delicious, uniform patties of meat, fish and veggies with your own carefully selected herbs and spices.

  • Sturdy, high quality build
  • Stainless steel
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for home or a professional kitchen

A commercial burger maker is ideal for a wide range of food operations. For butchers, delis, and meat-suppliers, a commercial burger maker puts you ahead of the game in the supply chain. And for fast food trucks, restaurants, cafes, and street-food stands, a commercial burger maker opens up your menu to a whole new range of home-made dishes, giving you an original edge above the competition. Wherever you serve them, start by producing your own homemade burger recipes in a fast, professional, and hygienic manner. A commercial burger maker might sound like a one trick pony – but with a wide range of mince ingredients to choose from, there’s more to this devise than meets the eye! For meat-lovers, produce delicious beef, lamb and chicken burgers. You can even choose from a wide range of fish and shellfish to truly diversify your burger range. In modern restaurants, it’s always good to have a generous range of vegetarian options to please your guests. From delicious tofu, spinach, seitan, black-beans, sweet-potatoes, feta, and more, there are endless ways to whip up a delicious veggie burger for your vegetarian and vegan guests. Whatever ingredients you choose, a commercial burger maker ensures that each burger patty is pressed evenly and is uniform in size, so each one will have a professional finish. Select from two commercial burger maker sizes: The 10cm burger maker is ideal for smaller patties and the larger, 13cm burger maker is for genuine homemade whoppers! The container is made from premium stainless steel – a top choice in the Expondo range – which is long-lasting, resistant to dents and scratches, and quick and easy to clean. The housing made from anodized aluminium ensures a stable hold as you work. To pair with your commercial burger maker, we also stock refill packs of burger papers available in 13cm and 10cm diameters.

At Expondo, we understand that running a business involves many important investment decisions and endless hours of behind-the-scenes work. Likewise, we know that serving up a delicious homemade burger requires more than a commercial burger maker. In our full range of kitchen supplies, we’ve got everything from mixers to blend up your own mince recipes, to high powered grills to cook your burgers to perfection. In our full range of snack bar equipment, you’ll also find dough mixers for whipping up freshly baked burger buns as well as versatile contact grills to toast your burger buns to perfection. In our full range of catering equipment, we’ve also got you covered when it comes to service time. From cutlery storage to serving trolleys, your next dinner service will run like clockwork. And with ingenious salamander grills and plate warmers, temperature control will never get in the way of you and your happy customers. Working with meat requires a specific quality of kitchen supplies. In our full range butchers equipment, you’ll also find safe and hygienic devices for making homemade sausages and slicing delicate portions of cold meats, as well as highly durable stainless steel counters for cutting and portioning your meat products. You can also accurately weigh and price each portion with a laboratory scales from our industrial equipment range. Finally, for all repairs and upgrades to your restaurant or kitchen, look no further than our range of craft supplies, complete with drills, sanders, drainage devices, and more!