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Whether you own a cafe, fast food stand or restaurant, with an expondo milkshake maker, it has never been easier to diversify your menu and increase sales! Smooth, thick and fluffy milkshakes are loved by all ages and can be made from a variety of ingredients that will satisfy any taste bud. Create mouthwatering milkshakes with simple ingredients, minimal effort, and maximum taste. By playing around with the use of soy, coconut, rice or nut milk, it is also easy to cater to the ever-increasing percentage of vegan customers.


Durability and power for both the home and professional environments

  • Make a variety of tasty treats to dazzle your customers, friends and family
  • Powerful units to quickly whip up snacks
  • Great for professional as well as private use
  • Round off your already existing equipment


Milkshake makers are just as useful for thoroughly combining liquids together to produce a range of delicious mixed beverages, such as smoothies or cocktails. It can even make mousses! The speedy hands-free operation is great for use in busy bars and any establishment where there is the need to multi-task. Stainless steel quality has been merged with up to 800 Watts of power (depending on model) to create a device that is stylish and durable. Just like expondo's craft supplies and industrial equipment, each milkshake creator is high-performing and intuitive to use.

This ease of use is what makes these milkshake makers suited not only to professional catering environments but also for private use. Fill the stainless steel malt cup provided with your choice of ingredients, slide it into the milkshake maker and you will have a refreshing beverage in no time at all, ready for eager customers and eager families! Another great feature is that there is no need to tilt cup to remove it. You simply move it downwards, thereby retaining every delicious drop. For those in the ice cream making business, milkshake machines are a perfect addition to any parlor, allowing you to offer an alternative product to your customers without the need for purchasing additional ingredients - just use your ice cream! Make sure to check out the full range of our time-saving professional snack bar equipment, such as the crepe makers and our waffle makers.

Milkshake makers that effortlessly meet high demand

  • Produce a considerable amount of milkshake in no time
  • Easy to clean and hygienic, keeping up with rigorous safety standards
  • Ensure precision and quality
  • Great value for a high quality tool to forward your business


Each milkshake machine has the capacity to produce between 650 - 700ml in a single use. If you are at a high volume location and receive multiple requests for milkshakes through the day, or even more than one order at a time, try out our double cup milkshake maker - a device that's perfect for keeping up with demand, without sacrificing on flavour and quality. The stainless steel malt cup supplied is ideal for maintaining the cool temperature of your beverage whilst it is being mixed. And by manufacturing the spindle and the body out of stainless steel or lacquered steel, each device has been made extremely easy to clean and will remain free from corrosion - both of which are very important for food preparation. In addition to being easy to use and super simple to clean, these devices are speedy and consistent. With 9-13,000 rotations per minute, both you and your customers will be left satisfied. The robust 2-speed motor provides a higher level of control and ensures precise results every time. This quality and speed are replicated across the board in our range of catering equipment and funfair equipment, which are ideal combining together and creating a successful catering business.

It has never been so simple to breathe new life into your business and increase sales! Whether you decide to go for Royal Caterings' 700ml milkshake maker or a Bartscher bar mixer, you can be sure to receive modern design combined with powerful precision, at competitive prices!