Milkshake Maker

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Is it just us, or is the world getting a bit nostalgic over this 1950’s favourite? As retro diners pop up the world over, chefs are putting an original spin on burgers, fries, hotdogs, and of course, milkshakes, combining classic flavours with new and exciting flavours and toppings. The milkshake might be making a comeback, but classic milkshake makers are still the most important tool in the box. Our range of versatile devices from the food whizzes at Royal Catering combine classic technique with modern technology to mix up the perfect shake, every time.

We’re all shook up for milkshakes!

  • Round off your catering equipment
  • Ensure high versatility and reliability
  • Produce a large amount in a particularly short time
  • Enjoy high quality materials to let you use your device for long into the future

For restaurant owners, street food vendors, and events planners, a milkshake creator is a fantastic addition to your catering equipment for whipping up a delicious dessert in seconds. But before we venture into the world of milkshakes, remember, milkshake makers can be much more versatile than meets the eye. Cafés and bars, take note! These compact drink-mixing devices can also be used to blend healthy juices and smoothies, as well boozy cocktails. You can even whip up a no-fuss mousse, for a light and smooth dessert in seconds. Our milkshake creation options come in a variety of styles and sizes. Our basic milkshake maker can produce 700ml per serving. Powered by 230, the mixer whizzes up your chosen ingredients in seconds. The stainless-steel construction is robust and easy to clean (and therefore hygienic!). And the stainless-steel bowl helps to keep your milkshake ice cool while serving. Our double milkshake maker gives you twice as much action, allowing you to multi-task and produce different flavours at once. This elegant dual-action mixer is a stylish addition to any dessert counter or bar, especially if you have a few cocktail tricks up your sleeve. For added efficiency, the two shakers are even dishwasher friendly. When it comes to choosing a milkshake unit or any other culinary device, you want to invest in something that will stand the test of time. You might have noticed that we often choose stainless steel when it comes to our craft supplies and professional industrial equipment. The same can be said for our cooking and serving devices. When it comes to the kitchen, stainless steel is the professional’s choice for durability, elegant finish, and hygiene.

A modern milkshake maker for diners, restaurants and bars

  • Complement your treat making equipment
  • Serve a variety of snacks with Royal Catering
  • Dazzle your customers at funfairs
  • Treat your family and friends to tasty snacks

We’ve got plenty more intuitive devices for whipping up delicious sweet and savoury treats in our range of snack bar equipment. As well as the milkshake makers, we also have a wide range of dough mixers, catering toasters, and roller grills to get you through breakfast, lunch and dinner. With our powerful salamander grills, you can keep hot dishes up to temperature and ready to serve. And our ingenious spiral dough mixers are ideal for cafés, bakeries and pizzerias. For food service with a dash of spectacle, look no further than our range of funfair devices, featuring popcorn makers, candy floss machines and quick-as-a-flash juice extractors. With our powerful crepes makers, you can delight your customers any time of day with this authentic French favourite. Whether you’re serving up gallettes with ham and cheese or suzettes with sugar and lemon, you’ll achieve that perfect fluffy textures with our high-powered, non-stick pans. For another Continental favourite, our waffle makers will help you whip up this classic Belgian sweet treat to perfect. We’ve got a wide range of models including single and double unit devices, that create beautifully finished, fluffy waffles in a wide variety of shapes – squares, circles, triangles, and heart-shaped! Whether you go for a milkshake device, a waffle iron or a candy-floss machine mounted on its own mobile wagon, it’s clear that nostalgic desserts are making a comeback and it’s time to jump aboard.