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A timeless kitchen appliance, the salamander grill is as much at home in a 1950s-style American diner as in a French bistro. By heating the food using an overhead element, the grill heats dishes quickly and creates appetising browning on the top of the food – perfect for anything from toast to crème brulée! This versatile and infinitely useful item of catering equipment will become a key player in your kitchen once you realise its many uses!


Tasty, golden-brown food, fresh from the grill

A salamander grill is a compact alternative to a combination oven/grill or an ideal addition to your oven to expand your repertoire or turnaround. These grills are great for heating pre-prepared meals or keeping them warm for service, but they are also perfect for so much more than that! Without the mess and effort of a real charcoal grill, you get the charring and caramelisation that only intense direct heat can deliver – perfect for meats such as koftas or marinated chicken breast, or for quick-roasted vegetables, and much more. You can also use a salamander grill to toast bread for breakfast service or as part of a deli sandwich, and these grills are even suited for gratinating dishes – that is, melting a crusty, golden layer of cheese on top – a popular favourite! Salamander grills are a perfect solution for snack bars, food trucks and other catering operations where space is tight; these grills are easy to move, meaning they are even ideal for mobile catering services. The specialised toast grills also have a small countertop footprint and are perfect for hotels or breakfast buffets – they are so easy to use that you can even place the grill on the buffet table to allow the guests to toast their own bread. We source our professional quality salamander grills from trusted brand Royal Catering, who manufacture high-quality products that enable you to create mouth-watering dishes.

Salamander grills turn up the heat

These compact grills fit onto any countertop or kitchen work surface, and are easily accessible for quick and stress-free usage. The temperature settings are intuitive and the temperature is regulated to remain even, for optimal grilling results. Like all our industrial appliances and power tools, these salamander grills are high-powered and designed to be robust, coping with the needs of any kitchen with busy rush-hours and high turnovers. Ideal for both ‘fast food’, deli specialities and gourmet delicacies, a high-quality salamander grill helps you to produce delicious dishes and keep them warm – whether you are waiting for a server to arrive or are producing many meals which all must be served at the same time, at an event or for a group booking. Each grill is easy to clean, with features like a removable cooking grate for practical maintenance and optimal hygiene. In the toaster grill, the crumb tray is removable. We offer salamanders in many different shapes and sizes, to heat different amounts of dishes or different types of food; for small-scale operations or simple warming use, our budget salamander grill is an ideal solution. Meanwhile, our most powerful salamander goes up to 3250 watts for extremely high-power grilling, producing irresistible browning and succulent food. Many models even have a timer function, helping you to keep track on the dishes you are heating and enabling you to multitask without burning the food. As you can see, these products are engineered for professional cooks to professional standards. A quality salamander grill from expondo’s catalogue of catering supplies is a reliable long-term investment: intuitive, robust and high-performing.