Takeaway Equipment

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Snacks and meals come in all shapes and sizes, and can be served up in countless ways. Whether you’re offering your customers a three-course dining experience, treating hungry guests at a breakfast buffet or serving up delicious street-food, there is always a case to invest in quality takeaway equipment. With ingenious tools to keep your food fresh, cut down on preparation time, and help you uphold the highest safety standards, there’s something for every chef in our range of catering equipment.

Versatile takeaway equipment for commercial and private use

  • Robust, sturdy equipment
  • Easy to use
  • Create professional results
  • Increase effiency and save time

At Expondo, we understand that no two kitchens are the same. We have selected our range of takeaway equipment to be compatible in a wide range of cooking spaces, both large and small, and even on the go. For restaurants, cafes and pubs, our takeaway equipment is chosen to help you save time in the kitchen and make more efficient use of your workspace. With less clutter and more clear surfaces, your staff can work more efficiently and safely. For large volumes of food, for instance in hotels and conference buffets, our takeaway equipment is designed to help you produce long runs of dishes without compromising on freshness. And for food trucks, market stalls and caterers on-the-go, our takeaway equipment range is chosen to be easy to transport, built with sturdy but lightweight materials and designed to fit even the most compact of spaces. Regardless of where you cook, even for private users, a good chef will never compromise of safety and hygiene. We purposefully select robust materials, such a stainless steel and non-stick Teflon, that are easy to wipe clean. One of our most trusted suppliers of stainless steel goods is the Royal Catering company. Their selection of professional burger presses will help seasoned butchers and even home enthusiasts to create their own homemade blends of mincemeat and spices, with a neat, uniform finish – ideal if you’re hosting a big barbeque this summer! The sturdy steel frame, ergonomic handle and non-slip rubber stands allow you to work confidently at your own pace. For bakers and bread-lovers alike, our professional dough mixers take valuable time and energy out of producing your own fresh loaves.

High Volume Cooking

Beating the hungry (and sometimes cranky) crowds at the breakfast buffet is on every hotel’s agenda, day in day out. With our catering toasters, you can produce up to 720 slices per hour while you focus on the sausages and eggs. Another ingenious addition to your breakfast artillery is one of our convenient hot dog makers. Whether steamed or grilled, these are a great option for cooking one of the worlds most beloved snack. But they are also ideal for high-volume cooking, allowing you to grill up to twenty sausages at a time. Looks like your breakfast service just got easier! Compact kitchens and mobile caterers often need a more versatile solution when it comes to takeaway equipment. Luckily, our selection of salamander toasters do much more than meets the eye. Ideal for keeping cooked dishes hot and fresh, a salamander grill can also be used as a neat and portable alternative to a charcoal grill, reaching high temperatures for grilling meats and vegetables on the go. For more market needs equipment, our full range features efficient and eye-catching gadgets from crepe-pans to popcorn makers, to add an element of spectacle to your next service. From our range of craft supplies to our selection of industrial equipment, our choice is always based on a combination of safety, efficiency and excellent value for money. For more reasons to upgrade your cooking space and mobilise your culinary staff, check out our full range of cooking devices.