Buffet display

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Display your delicious range of buffet food on any buffet table or counter, while providing a protective shield to keep it fresh and tasty, with a buffet display. This is an essential piece of professional catering equipment for any self-service or ready-to-eat food bar. Guests won’t be able to resist helping themselves when your buffet display is packed with tempting, colourful, flavorful treats. Combined with other buffet accessories like a display fridge, you can create a modern and appealing buffet spread.

A perfect display for snacks and cold foods

Many of our favourite buffet foods look as good as they taste: charcuterie platters, patisserie selections, fresh sandwiches... Let your guests feast their eyes on your menu by displaying these tasty treats under an elegant, clean-looking plexiglass dome which helps keep everything fresh. These buffet displays are ideal for outdoor catering such as street food stands or market stalls, as they require no electricity and are simple to transport and clean; they are also a great way to keep your menu items protected from the elements, from wasps to windy days, dust to falling leaves. Even indoors, if you’re in a warm environment where fruit flies are a problem for buffet-style dining, or would prefer to protect your cheese board or muffin selection from the coughs and sneezes of the general public, a buffet display is the solution.

The range of different sizes means that you can always find the right model for your establishment, whether you need to display a full lunchtime menu on a long food counter or simply display your famous homemade croissants by your till. Perfect for restaurants and hotels, these buffet displays are designed for a minimalistic and clean appearance, making sure that the food takes centre stage. Putting your delicious, fresh food on show is a sure-fire way to boost sales – especially at peak times like lunch or teatime when appetites are raging! The largest buffet display can even hold whole cakes and loaves, making them a natural choice for bakeries – many of which are already familiar with expondo’s range of high-quality catering and bakery equipment such as dough hooks and quality commercial fridges. Cafés, pubs, fast-food restaurants, delicatessens...every kind of eatery could benefit from putting their most popular specialities on display!

Buffet displays are the simplest solution for self-service food

These compact and practical plexiglass display hoods are lightweight (1-3kg per unit) and compact, making them a stress-free addition to any mobile caterer’s equipment. They are designed to be easy to clean, and come in three different sizes: small (39x26cm wide), large (47x31.5cm wide) and our double buffet display, which consists of two large displays stacked one above the other on a sturdy frame, for efficient use of countertop space. They are suited for displaying any pre-cooked or fresh foods which do not require refridgeration, such as sandwiches, donuts, fruit salad or even a range of toppings for a waffle station at a breakfast bar!

A buffet display paired with a countertop fridge makes a fantastic made-to-order sandwich bar, where the ingredients are displayed ready to be piled into a crusty roll as your customer requires. Thanks to the no-electricity, no-fuss build, these models are budget-friendly, with the most affordable buffet display starting at just over £30. Hundreds of professional caterers and industry workers trust expondo to provide catering equipment, industrial appliances such as weighing scales, and useful commercial tools. With our consistently high standards and network of respected brands, even the simplest items from our catalogue are a smart investment.