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Accessories for the best hairdressers and barbers

Washing, cutting, coloring, styling, grooming - the profession of hairdressers and barbers is as diverse as their equipment. A wide range of high-quality hairdressing accessories is therefore a must for every professional salon: from professional and modern furniture, to a wide range of utensils for hair styling, to small tools for very specific customer needs. Discover the diversity of our range and the wide selection of hairdressing supplies for real professionals!

Professional hairdressing utensils

Hairstylists of all kinds are professionals that use a wide range of utensils: combs, scissors, hairdryers and many more must always be at hand. With professional hairdressing accessories every utensil has its place in the salon and can be used right away without long searching.

The many small utensils and tools, such as curlers or hair clips, should be stored well sorted to avoid chaos in the workplace. A trolley with practical compartments offers the ideal solution for storage. Due to its mobile wheels, all utensils are quickly at hand.

The hairdresser or barber also needs to move around freely to work on every part of the customer's head. So as not to have to do without comfort, a professional work stool serves as a comfortable and movable seat for every hairstylist.

Indispensable accessories for every hair salon

As soon as a customer enters the hair salon, it makes a lasting impression at first sight. For a professional look, quality furniture and professional accessories are indispensable for any hair salon.

With modern and classy hairdressing chairs every customer can sit comfortably. In addition, the design and function of these special chairs are perfectly suited to your work as a hairdresser or barber.

For washing hair, hairdresser washbasins offer a professional solution and are the ideal addition to your salon equipment. The high-quality materials of the basins even visually enhance the flair of your hair salon. With the right accessories for your salon, you can create the perfect ambience to satisfy customers right from the start.

Inexpensive hairdressing accessories

Hairdressing accessories do not always have to be expensive: Due to modern technology, high-quality and durable materials can nowadays be produced inexpensively. A professional and attractive interior design of a salon and professional equipment for hairdressers and barbers have become a must.

Are you also looking for accessories for cosmetics and beauty? In our extensive assortment of cosmetic supplies, make-up artists and beauticians will find high-quality utensils and professional accessories at affordable prices: from modern cosmetic beds for your customers, to magnifying lamps for a precise make-up application, to attractive make-up mirrors.

Hair utensils

Human hair is as diverse as it is demanding, which is why hairdressers, as true hair artists, must be up to a plethora of challenges. However, it is not only the individual nature of hair that needs to be taken into account; the styling wishes of customers can also be extremely diverse. A wide range of hair utensils is therefore part of the basic equipment of any salon.

For a variety of hairstyles, as well as for various hair care applications, a modern hair salon must therefore not be without a professional hairdryer. Curls and waves are brought into shape under a drying hood just as conditioners and hair masks unleash their full effect.

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