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Professional barber & hairdresser furniture

As the operator of a hair salon, you certainly know the importance of high-quality furnishings. Because first-class hairdressers and barber chairs offer special comfort to your customers and make the visit to the hairdresser a feel-good experience. Your employees will also appreciate it, because professional salon equipment, which includes high-quality hairdressing stools, will significantly facilitate their work. At Expondo, you can find a variety of modern and practical-functional chairs and stools in a modern design, which will beautify your hairdressing or barber salon. Your clients will be delighted with the chic and comfortable seating from their first hairdressing appointment on. As the saying goes, "first impressions matter", and new regular customers can be won in this simple way, as their monthly or 6-weekly visit to the hairdresser becomes a longed-for relaxation event. Salon equipment should definitely be a part of your road to success and Expondo will help you with this. Provide your salon with an upscale ambience and go with the latest trends – not only in cutting hair but also with the selection of professional barber and hairdressing furniture. You will find a wide range of modern and chic hairdressing chairs and cutting stools, which are comfortable as well as functional. The quality of materials, high-quality workmanship and first-class technical equipment are the be-all and end-all of hairdressing chairs and stools. Individual adjustment options are part of all models, for example, head and footrests or adjustable back and armrests. We also have unbeatable offers in terms of price.

Professional cutting stools for hair salon

Whether haircutting is your main business or rather beard trimming – a comfortable barber or barber chair is essential for satisfied customers for both services. That's why Expondo has an exclusive selection of different models for every requirement: hairdressing chairs, barber chairs, with reclining surfaces, and special hairdressing or cutting stools. The range includes hairdressing chairs with adjustable height and backrest, which can be individually adjusted to the size of the customer. Hairdressing chairs with headrests are especially suitable for barbershops.The customer can sit back and relax, make himself comfortable during the shave and fully enjoy the little time-out. But not only during the treatment for the gentleman but also during hair or eyebrow colouring for the ladies – they will thank you for the fact that they can comfortably bridge the waiting time on a barber chair with a headrest. Get inspired at - you will surely find the right professional hairdressing and barber chairs for men and women as well as cutting stools that will give your store a completely new and modern look.

Barber chair with adjustable backrest

High-quality adjustable hairdressing and barber chairs do more than just pamper your customers. You and your employees will feel the difference immediately: Hairdressing chairs with castors make work easier, especially after the customer appointment, the chair can be easily rolled to the side for cleaning cut hair from the floor. Hairdresser chairs with adjustable backrests allow comfortable work, which is easy on the back. Professional cutting stools allow each employee to adjust the height to their individual size and that of the customer. All models have wheels and are therefore useful tools for every hairdresser. The casters contribute significantly to the easy and gentle moving of the barber stool. There are different designs, including saddle stools or swivel stools with backrests. The stools are designed to be extremely smooth and flexible to use. When the barber and hairdresser chair is also height-adjustable, it can be adjusted to the right position for any type of treatment.

Portable & mobile hairdresser chairs and stools

With the different chairs and stools at Expondo, you can perfectly and stylishly furnish your hair salon. All models are ideally suited for professional use: in hairdressing and barber stores, as well as in beauty salons and cosmetic or tattoo studios. Whenever you need adjustable or flexible chairs and barber stools for your work. What distinguishes each model are the comfortable, ergonomically shaped seats. Soft foam filling is soothing for the back and provides high seating comfort. The modern design of the hairdressing and barber chairs is also convincing. Made from faux leather, among other materials, the covers give the chairs and stools an ultra-chic look and add classically elegant visual accents. They really fit any salon interior. In addition, they are easy to clean and therefore very easy to maintain. Other first-class features on many models include: a 360° degree rotation function, height adjustment by means of a hydraulic pump, high-quality components as well as a solid construction that guarantees stability, robustness and also durability. Plastic castors and rubber feet are easy on the floor, which means that you do not have to worry about scratches.

Hairdressing chairs with wheels also have so-called stoppers that make the work even easier. Unlike hairdressing chairs with a fixed base, which are immobile, hairdressing chairs with castors and stoppers make for very flexible handling. The chair can be as mobile as is necessary. When the stopper is turned on, the chair stands stable and firm in its place of use. Especially with difficult haircuts, where millimetres matter, or when shaving sensitive areas, such as the neck, it is absolutely essential that the hairdresser does not accidentally slip because the chair rolls away. This could easily happen if a barber chair with castors without stoppers is used. See for yourself the wide range of reliable barber chairs, as well as hairdressing chairs, barber chairs with reclining surfaces and professional cutting stools.

Reliable hair dressing chairs for sale in good prices

Browse through our store – our expert selection will inspire you immediately. Whether you are looking for a chic barber chair for men, a functional hairdressing chair for a ladies salon or a professional cutting stool – at Expondo you will always find the right model. The wide range of hairdressing furniture is characterized by the best quality, first-class materials and high-quality workmanship. And all this at unbeatable prices. In addition to our wide range of hairdressing and barber chairs for women's and men's salons, you can also find other furnishings for your hairdressing business. Why not take a look at the hairdresser sinks section right now? Under hairdressing supplies , Expondo offers useful hairdressing accessories such as rolling shelves, child seat raisers, footrests and more. And when it comes to drying after haircutting or colouring – you can find high-quality devices and hair dryers.

Our hairdressing barber chairs & stools from Expondo

  • provide comfort for your customers

  • provide a feel-good experience

  • enable professional and pleasant work

  • high-quality materials in chic design

  • robust, stable and easy to maintain