LCD Separator

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Sometimes it seems that no matter how advanced technology becomes, our devices will always be at risk of encountering physical damages, and cracked screens are one of the most common instances. It’s a problem that most smartphone users have encountered, sometimes more than once! And it can often mean a long wait for repairs and a hefty bill to boot! If you are working in phone repairs or construction, an LCD separator is the perfect addition to your craft supplies to repair damaged screens while keeping costs at a minimum.

An LCD separator is the perfect way to repair damaged smartphone screens

It’s said that smartphone users spend an average of 90 minutes a day on their device. And with a growing figure of over 1 billion smartphone owners in the world, it’s easy to see why fast and affordable repair services are in high demand! The LCD separator from Stamos Soldering is the ideal display repair tool for safely removing and replacing defected or damaged smartphone screens. The LCD separator is ideal for phone industry professionals, repair services and smartphone constructors. It’s even safe and intuitive for home use, for those of you with a passion for ‘techy’ DIY. With its adjustable fixation clamps, the machine can be adapted to fix phones with screens of up to six inches, meaning it’s even suitable for small handheld tablets.

The machine is intuitively designed with ergonomic handles, perfect for the delicate work of manipulating screen changes. With all items in our industrial equipment range, we know that a quick and effective performance time is a priority. Remove the defected screen by fixing the smartphone into place and adjusting the temperature to melt the glue beneath. The screen can now be gently and easily removed using the heat resistant cutting wire. You are now ready to fit your device with a brand new screen. The LCD separator has a temperature range of 50 to 350 degrees which can be momentarily monitored using the LED screen. Its compact and lightweight design, and sturdy metal casing makes the LCD separator hardwearing, easy to transport, and suitable to fit any workspace.

Time is money!

These days, many of us rely on our smartphones for our day to day lives, from keeping on top of calendars and emails, to ordering food and taxis. (Sometimes it’s a wonder we can tie our shoes without one!) A broken device can often mean long waits for a replacement or the annoying rigmarole of beginning a whole new phone contract. Using an LCD separator saves your customers’ time and money by offering quick and effective screen repairs. As well as the LCD separator, we’ve got dozens more time-and-money-saving tools in our full range of professional power tools and craft supplies. Our soldering stations (also from Stamos Soldering) are the perfect addition to any electrician’s toolkit, for electrical repairs and manipulating metal materials. Our precision scales (from Kern) is perfect for schools, workshops and laboratories for measuring up to 2000g in weight. And our range of winches with traction loads of up to 13500 lbs are perfect for transporting heavy goods and vehicles.

In our full range of catering equipment you’ll find all your kitchen needs from stainless steel furniture to gadgets and grills. In our craft section, you’ll find our selection of power supplies with mains adaptors of up to 150 watts of power, as well as our nibbler tools for cutting through flat and corrugated metals. For professionals in the welding industry, we’ve got everything from combined welding devices to plasma cutters in our full range of welding equipment. No matter how advanced technology gets, investing in tools that stand the test of time will never go out of style.