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Plastering Machine - 30 bar - 40 litres - 18 l/min - 2800 W

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Item: EX10062635


Model: MSW-PU-30

Price includes 20% VAT.
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Key features
  • Powerful – the plastering machine evenly distributes up to 18 l/min of mortar, plaster, or cement on the wall with an operating pressure of 30 bar
  • Efficient – the plastering machine combines water with dry materials such as gypsum or lime, with a granulation of up to 6 mm, to create a sprayable mass
  • Spacious – with a capacity of 40 l, the plastering machine enables you to work on large areas without interruptions
  • Flexible – the plastering machine provides optimal freedom of movement with its 10 m mortar hose and easy-to-use spray gun
  • Mobile – with 4 wheels for transport, the plastering machine's compact shape and footprint are well-suited for placement on scaffolding
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The powerful plastering machine for large wall surfaces

Mix first, then spray: with the MSW plastering machine, applying water-based plaster made from gypsum, lime, or cement to the wall is a breeze. The rotor in the plastering device ensures the flawless consistency of your plaster, which you apply to the wall with a working pressure of up to 30 bar. This ensures that the mortar adheres to the wall, forming a uniform layer that only requires smoothing!

The flexible plastering machine with maximum freedom of movement

The plastering machine is extremely easy to use and offers you maximum freedom of movement. Connect it to your compressor and regulate the incoming pressure with the air pressure reducer. Control the rotation direction and speed of the rotor on user-friendly control panel, adjusting them according to the dry material and water mixing ratio you use for plastering. The device achieves the best results with a granulation of up to 6 mm. With a length of 10 meters, the mortar hose allows you to comfortably manoeuvre the spray gun during application. Select a suitable nozzle depending on the mortar mixture.
The container for your plaster has a capacity of 40 l. This allows you to work on large areas with the plastering machine without excessive interruptions, achieving a delivery rate of 18 l per minute The container's lid enhances cleanliness while working. Transporting the plastering machine to the job site is made convenient by 4 wheels. The machine's compact size makes it perfectly suited for use on a construction scaffold, enabling you to reach higher wall surfaces with ease. After completing the work, you clean the device with water and the supplied cleaning balls in just a few simple steps.


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