Popcorn machine with cart - Red

Item number: EX10010088 / Model: RCPW-16E

Popcorn machine with cart - Red

  • Item number: EX10010088
  • Model: RCPW-16E
  • In the product range since: 2008
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Popcorn machine with cart - Red

The popcorn machine with cart RCPW-16E from Royal Catering has been designed especially for professional catering needs and is an absolute eye-catcher. It impresses not only by its upbeat design, the appealing red design with a cart, but also with its heated and illuminated chamber, stirring system and automatic thermostat. Benefit from the popcorn machine RCPW-16E and treat yourself to an exceptional popcorn experience - whether at the cinema, at fairs or festivals!

Delicious popcorn guaranteed - with the popcorn machine by Royal Catering!


The included cart allows you to use the popcorn machine flexibly at any time. The large front wheels and the smaller rear wheels, which are 360 ​​degrees rotatable, ensure an easy movement of the machine. The two parking brakes on the small wheels prevent unintentional movements and guarantee a firm footing during use.


The popcorn machine is powered by 1,600 watts and achieves a rapid operating temperature due to its high performance and automatic thermostat. A high performance is guaranteed. You can produce about 16 litres of popcorn per hour (about 5 kg / h). Whether for white or yellow popcorn or for making different popcorn forms - this popcorn machine makes everything possible.


The machine has three toggle switches located above the doors. With POWER & LIGHT, you can switch on the light and heating element in the bottom of the chamber, perfecting the popcorn for your customers and keeping it warm and fresh. With the switch HEAT the popcorn boiler is activated and the heating process is started. The popcorn does not burn at the bottom of the boiler, and the mixing system of the boiler is started by pressing the TURN switch.


The Teflon coating of the pot prevents the popcorn from burning. The pot has a diameter of 18.5 cm and a depth of 5.8 cm and is removable, which facilitates cleaning. For a professional popcorn production, we recommend the use of coconut oil or palm fat, as both withstand temperature of 240 ° C and are therefore best suited.


The popcorn machine is mostly made of high-quality stainless steel and can therefore be easily cleaned and is effectively protected against corrosion. Stainless steel has excellent impact resistance and is harmless to people’s health. The side struts of the casing are made of aluminium.


The glass plates are made of tempered glass. In the event of an accident, it will crumble into small pieces instead of splintering into shards, thereby preventing serious injury. The glass panes and the illuminated interior allow you to have a look at the popcorn production at any time.


As a special highlight, you will receive the basic equipment for free when you buy it. The practical scoop is ideal for portioning. The measuring cup has a capacity of 0.5 litres and can be used for the exact dosing of oil, sugar or corn kernels. The accessories are made of sturdy plastic and can be cleaned quickly and easily.


It is easy to open and close the front doors with its magnets. The serving flap attached to the doors ensures that the popcorn can be easily removed and portioned. The perforations in the bottom plate ensure that unpopped corn kernels, crumbs and excess oil fall into the collecting drawer underneath. The drawer is removable, which makes it easy to clean.


The unique and iconic retro design turns this machine into a glittering eye-catcher. The popcorn machine has convincing features: overheating protection, which shuts off the machine if temperatures increase too much, as well as four non-slip rubber feet, which ensure stability and protect the work surface from scratches.


  • Mobile due to two large wheels and two 360° rotatable wheels with parking brakes
  • High-powered - due to 1,600 W for up to 5 kg of popcorn per hour
  • Incl. accessories - Delivery includes measuring spoon and shovel
  • Operative safety - Teflon coating, mixing system and overheat protection
  • Comfortable operation with interior lights
  • Easy to clean - Stainless steel construction and well thought out design

Key Facts

Item number
1,600 W
Material, casing
Stainless steel, tempered glass
Material, heating element
5 - 6 kg/h (16 l/h)
Temperature range
220 - 270 °C
Amount per serving
Corn: 150 g
Sugar: 50 g
Oil: 50 ml (Coconut oil recommended)
Pot, diameter
Top: 18.5 cm Bottom: 16 cm
Pot, depth
5.8 cm
Coating, pot:
Length, power cable
1.7 m
Dimensions (LxWxH)
94 x 51 x 155 cm
36.7 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
60 x 46 x 82 cm
Shipping weight
43 kg

Stylish American design


Mobile cart with a cabinet and shelf for accessories


5-6 kg popcorn per hour thanks to 1.600 W

The attractively-lit popcorn machine looks great after dark

Anti-stick Teflon-coated pot is easy to clean

Michał Orłowski
Head chef of prestigious restaurants in Sydney and Warsaw. An experienced and professional restaurateur, just like our customers.

Practical and removable crumb drawer makes cleaning easier

Stirring system warms the popcorn evenly


Automatic overheat protection for safety


The serving hatch gives you easy access to the popcorn


For best results, it's a good idea to use an oil with a high smoke point. Coconut is the most popular.

Try mixing the popcorn with different flavours. White chocolate and strawberry powder is a delightful addition that I can highly recommend.

Consistent temperature

Heated chamber keeps snacks fresh


Shatterproof, tempered safety glass

Stainless steel

Made of food-safe stainless steel



I work with professional products every day. For this video, I made sure to test the device thoroughly. You can take a close look at how this product works and then decide which model is best for your business. I hope my video and tips will help to make your business even more successful.

Head chef of prestigious restaurants in Sydney and Warsaw. An experienced and professional restaurateur

expert review

Review by Michał Orłowski, expondo expert (02.08.2018)

Essential for outdoor cinemas

Outdoor cinemas are becoming increasingly popular every year. There's just nothing like watching movies under the stars. Unfortunately, these venues are often missing the most important part of the cinema experience: popcorn. With this device, there's no excuse. Thanks to the trolley on which it stands, you can navigate even the bumpiest paths and provide every cinema fan with a serving of this delicacy.

How long does it take to prepare one serving?

It takes about 2 minutes to prepare a portion of 150 g corn.

How should the device be cleaned?

Turn off the machine and disconnect the plug from the socket to prevent accidents during the cleaning. For external cleaning use a damp cloth. Do not clean the machine directly with water, as this may damage the electrical functions.

  • Popcorn machine RCPW-16E
  • Cart
  • Popcorn shovel
  • Measuring cup
  • Kettle
  • Light bulb
  • Instruction manual
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Reviews from Amazon Customer (14 Jul 2019)
Reviews from Amazon Customer (14 Jul 2019) alles bestens!

bei einem Fest

Reviews from Amazon Customer (28 Oct 2016)
Reviews from Amazon Customer (28 Oct 2016) Macchina semiprofessionale

Non mi aspettavo macchine ultracostose, sono molto soddisfatto della qualita'.Le istruzioni non erano chiare (olio di cocco e poi zucchero? A qualcuno piacera'. Qui, olio girasole e sale), ma non ci vuole niente di che.Occorre fare attenzione alla pulizia (usare detergenti molto aggressivi, l'olio carbonizza. E poi irrancidisce), le parti in movimento, per fortuna, si possono smontare.Ho trovato il cavo troppo corto, per un oggetto col carrello, fatto per essere portato in giro. Ho fatto una prolunga da 6 metri, con cavo da 2,5mm e presa di qualita'. Cavi piu' sottili o, peggio, con adattatori, tendono a scaldare. Non e' sicuro.Gli accessori sono trascurabili... e la paletta, se dimenticata dentro la macchina accesa, si deforma per il calore. Comprata paletta di qualita' migliore.Abbiamo anche popcorn in sacchetti a microonde, ma tutti guardano il sacchetto... e preferiscono quello fatto da questa macchina. Anche io.

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Cumplio las expectativas. Es exactamente igual a lo que se describe, el tamaño y el peso. Yo lo recomiendo .

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Reviews from Amazon Customer (15 Dec 2013) Naja!

Die Maschine und der Wagen sind recht hochwertig verarbeitet. Die Dimensionen sind natürlich gewaltig, aber das Teil macht natürlich optisch einiges her: Kinofeeling garantiert. Die erste Portion Popcorn wird es erst zu Weihnachten geben, insofern werde ich dann die Rezension entsprechend ergänzen.28.12.2013: Sodele, die ersten 4 Popcorn Abende sind durch und es ist Zeit, die Rezension anzupassen! Wie hat sich das Teil in der Praxis bewährt? Zunächst mal:Positiv- Von der Optik kann man nichts sagen. Die Maschine sieht mit Wagen wirklich professionell aus und ist ein Blickfang. Man braucht natürlich etwas Platz...- Das Pocorn schmeckt absolut klasse! Wir benutzen Butterfly Körner, Puderzucker und spezielle Popcorn Butter (mit Carotin).Negativ- Das mit der recht hochwertigen Verarbeitung muss ich leider zurücknehmen! Beim ersten Putzen habe ich mich ziemlich böse in die Hand geschnitten, da die Metallteile im Inneren scharfkantig sind. Am schlimmsten ist der Deckel! Einfach ein gestanztes Stück Blech verchromt. Es ist eine blöde Fummelei, wenn man den Deckel bewegen möchte, da er aus einem Stück gefertigt wurde. Warum hat man den Deckel nicht einfach zweigeteilt mit Scharnier verbunden?? dann bleibt der hintere Teil geschlossen und der vordere Teil würde sich viel leichter anheben, wenn das Popcorn fertig.- Der Topf ist zu hoch angebracht! Wenn man nach der ersten Ladung noch einmal nachlegen möchte hat man ein Gewusel mit dem oben beschriebenem Deckel und dem heißen Topf. Wenn man dann - nachdem man die Butter oder das Fett in den Topf bekommen hat und kurz wartet bis es auf Temperatur ist - die Körner mit dem Zucker einfüllen möchte hat man (wieder Gefummel mit dem Deckel!) kaum Platz zwischen Decke und dem Topf, um es ohne Schweinerei einzufüllen.- Verbrennungsgefahr!! Der Topf ist klappbar und wird nur durch eine Metalllasche gehalten, die nach kürzester Zeit ausgeleiert ist. Bei der vierten Ladung ist mir folgendes passiert: Das Fett war schon drin und richtig heiß. Beim Öffnen des Deckels - mit einer Hand die Schale mit den Körnern und dem Zucker - klappt der blöde Topf mit dem kochend heißem Fett einfach von alleine nach unten und das ganze Fett schießt raus!!!! Das ich mich nicht heftig verbrannt habe ist echt ein Wunder!! Die Halterung des Topfes ist ein WITZ!! Unbedingt nachbessern, das ist wirklich gefährlich!!- Über den Topf haben sich ja schon andere Rezedenten ausgelassen. Haha dachte ich, die machen den Topf einfach falsch sauber! Ich habe schon öfters Karamell in einer Teflon Pfanne gemacht. Wenn wirklich Zuckerreste übrigbleiben lässt man die Pfanne einfach eine Stunde mit heißem Wasser stehen und es löst sich alles von alleine auf. Aber: Das klappt hier nicht! Die Beschichtung Teflon zu nennen ist ein Witz!! Man KANN den Topf nach dem Popcorn machen einfach nicht reinigen!! Es bleibt in jedem Fall eine verbrannte Schicht zurück, die man nicht lösen kann!!!Was soll man zusammenfassend sagen?? Die Maschine sieht toll aus und macht sehr gutes Popcorn. (5 Sterne) Billig ist sie ja nicht gerade. Deshalb verstehe ich nicht, warum man nicht ein paar Euro mehr für einen richtigen Deckel, eine solide Befestigung für den Topf und einen leicht zu reinigenden Topf investiert! (1 Stern) Dann hätte dieses Produkt sicherlich eine Top-Bewertung verdient. So bleibt nur der Mittelwert: 3 Sterne

Reviews from Amazon Customer (25 Aug 2013)
Reviews from Amazon Customer (25 Aug 2013) Tolle Maschine

Die Maschine funktioniert sehr gut und lässt sich verhältnismässig gut säubern. Ausserdem macht sie recht schnell Popcorn, sodass sie auch auf Festen eingesetzt werden kann.