Soaker Hoses

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Get the best irrigation system for your garden or yard with our soaker hose

Drip hoses provide an efficient system for watering all types of plants. The hoses guarantee a continuous as well as uniform water supply to all soils and work in a particularly water-saving manner. Farmers, plant growers and gardeners therefore benefit just as much from irrigation by drip hoses as hobby gardeners and plant lovers.

Whether in the field or bed, in the garden or in the yard - everywhere the multifunctional drip hoses can provide modern irrigation for your crops and ornamental plants. In addition, the system is extremely flexible, so you can customize it. Discover our wide selection of irrigation systems in our extensive range!

Garden soaker hose - an efficient watering tool

Drip hoses are provided with a special perforation through which the water can flow into the soils drop by drop and at equal intervals. Thus, the hoses provide uniform watering of all plants. And since the water delivery is targeted here, drip hoses are particularly efficient in terms of consumption and thus even reduce your water costs!

In addition, the permanent and even release of water promotes optimal growth of your trees, hedges, plants and flowers. In addition, no foliage comes into contact with water and is therefore not damaged. And targeted watering even results in fewer weeds around your plants - the perfect tool for your garden watering systems.

Drip irrigation - how does it work?

Drip hoses can be connected to a faucet in a few simple steps and laid on the desired floor surface. Once the hose is in position, the faucet can be opened and water will flow through the hose at a regulated pressure. At the perforated points of the drip hose, the water can now penetrate to the outside and water your plants.

Depending on the model, the water pressure of the drip hose can also be adjusted individually. The regulation of the pressure causes an even distribution of the water within the system. In addition, low pressure saves the hose from damage.

Lawn watering drip hose

Drip hoses can be used to efficiently water not only trees, flower beds and greenhouses, but also extensive green areas. And unlike sprinklers and other above-ground systems, drip tubing can even be used underground. Your lawn is thus optimally moistened and at the same time retains a flawless appearance.

For subsurface irrigation, the drip hoses are laid parallel and equally spaced to each other on the ground and fixed. After that, the area can be leveled with soil and cover with the desired lawn. For targeted watering of individual ornamental plants on the green area, drip hoses can also be supplemented with other systems - for example, with a modern gardening tools!

Installing the drip hose

To ensure that you lay your drip hose optimally, you can simply proceed as follows: First, unroll the hose and bring it into a straight position. Make sure that you do not kink the hose at any point in the process. Then place the hose as close to the plant roots as possible so that the droplets can target the individual plants for watering.

If you want to water a whole row of plants, you can also lay the hose in a snake shape around the individual shoot axes. With the help of special pipe holders, it can also be fixed to the ground. In addition, you can cover the system with bark mulch to protect the drip tube from UV rays. And in winter, the hose can be stored on a water hose reel to save space.

Drip line systems

How often plants should be watered, of course, depends on the type of plant, as well as the season. However, for a single watering with the help of the drip hose, you can follow the recommendation below: Let the system run until about 10 liters of water per square meter have seeped in, then your soil is optimally watered.

The flow rate of a drip hose and thus the amount of water delivered per hour is always dependent on the respective water pressure. This can vary depending on the model or even be adjusted by you. Therefore, the watering time of a single watering is individual. You want to use especially soft water for watering? In our online guide we show you how to install a rainwater tank!

Different hose connections for several use options

Drip hoses are mostly made of a mixture of rubber and polyethylene and therefore convince with high robustness. At the same time, the material remains flexible, so you can lay the hose particularly flexibly: For example, in parallel rows on a field or lawn, serpentine around plants and flowers or as spirals around individual trees. Drip hoses therefore offer numerous options for individual watering!

Soak hose - 15, 30 or 50 m?

Drip hose systems are available in various designs and also differ in the length of the hose. The most common dimensions are 15, 30 and 50 meters. To make the right choice here, you can measure the distance that the hose will occupy beforehand. However, start measuring already at the connection for the planned water supply and also remember that drip hoses can be shortened at any point!

Nozzles for water hose are included!

Since drip hoses provide a special system for watering plants, the hoses are always equipped with suitable accessories. Thus, all connections as well as connectors can be found in one set - and that even includes nozzles! In this way, the system is immediately ready for use and you can put your drip tubing directly into use. You want to prepare your floor surface beforehand? In our online store you will find practical gardening tools and garden carts of all kinds!

Flexible garden hose

With our high-quality drip hoses you get a multifunctional system for watering plants. This is because the hoses can be cut to size individually and reassembled with various connectors in any desired shape. Various connections also guarantee that you can fit the hose precisely to your water supply. Whether for watering trees, hedges, flowers or composters - drip hoses offer the universal solution here!

What to consider when buying a garden hose?

To ensure that you choose the right drip hose system, the main things you should consider when buying are the hose length, the material, the flow rate and the accessories: Is the length of the hose sufficient for your planned system? Is the material pliable and flexible? What is the flow rate and, accordingly, how long will a single pour take? Are all the accessories you need available? We are also happy to offer you a purchase consultation in our service hotline at 030 - 209 930 530!